What’s hot in Atlanta for the fall? Mostly the weather. That’s why fall fashion in Atlanta is so creative and fun for Atlanta’s fashionistas. It’s about mixing and matching ideas, styles and colors that fit with our esthetic. This year’s runway fall fashion offers so many different looks, from over-sized coats with cuffs, one shoulder dresses, over knee-high boots, and Victorian style blouses. But you won’t see all of 2015 runway fall fashion on the streets of Atlanta, so we enlisted style expert and fashion writer Sasha Gay-Trusty to help determine what styles Atlanta will embrace this fall.
Sasha Gay-Trusty
Freelance Stylist & Fashion Writer

Gay-Trusty moved to Atlanta from Jamaica at the early age of eight years old with her mother. It was her new surroundings in Atlanta that grew her tremendous love and passion for all things fashion related. In high school she would attend fashion and art shows with like-minded friends who continued to urge and inspire her to follow her dreams of one day becoming a stylist and fashion expert. After high school, she did just that. Gay-Trusty began consulting and styling for local brands and creative teams, and contributed writing for magazines in Atlanta. More recently, she has written for Kontrol Magazine, a bimonthly publication that seamlessly blends the edgy with the classy. When she’s not consulting, she’s managing her informative style and fashion website, writing articles about the ever-changing and growing Atlanta fashion scene. She’s very much in tune with Atlanta’s style, and for the upcoming fall, Gay-Trusty believes that Atlanta is all about whats wearable, practical, yet still edgy and urban.

The Classic Black Ankle Boot

According to Gay-Trusty, the classic black ankle boot will be a must have for any style! What’s special about this year’s black ankle boot will be all the different style option choices. From combat books to sleek pointed toe boots or embellished boots, this fall will usher in a classic black boot with a modern twist. Atlanta has a very urban style, so don’t be surprised to see a 90s inspired combat boot on the streets paired with jeans and a great over-sized blouse!

Let There Be Prints

Prints have been all the rage for a few seasons, and it doesn’t seem like its changing. Gay-Trusty thinks that Atlanta will embrace some of the Boho-inspired 70s trend prints and 60s Mod box line prints. What will be different and unique in Atlanta’s representation of these trends will be the street art mixture of these theme-influenced prints. Think a short A-line skirt with a box line blouse and leather jacket. Edgy style with a practical feel for the Atlanta fashionista.

Say “Hi” To High Waisted Trousers

High waisted trousers are great for anyone and any shape. This is why its a must-have for this fall. You can dress it up, or dress it down. According to Gay-Trusty, it’s sleek, great on any shape and perfect for office wear. Pair it with a nice tucked in blouse, shear sweater, or you can even mix and match a great print with a high waisted trouser for a stylish ensemble.

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Loafers Are Your New Best Friend

For far too long, ladies have endured the wrath of eight-inch heels, but this fall season designers have thrown iyt the notion of the higher the heel the better, and replaced it with stacked kitten heel loafers. According to Gay-Trusty, kitten heel loafers give just enough height, making them practical yet sexy. The box heel also offers a sleek and modern twist on two tone loafers or sling back loafers. Get prepared to give your feet a rest with this new loafer trend!

Victorian Romantics Wanted

When it comes to the Victorian era, some might need a brief history lesson, and that’s okay. For historians, or those who love William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I, it’s not that hard to imagine what garb from that era looked like. This year’s fashion is taking us back to an age of romanticism with Victorian-inspired blouses, dresses and embellishments. It’s offering a unique and refreshing twist in today’s fashion world. Atlanta is known for having an old traditional Southern bell feel, and that’s why Gay-Trusty thinks it wouldn’t be hard for Atlanta to embrace this new fashion trend. Think lace blouses, or embellished sleeves paired with a nice skinny jean and ankle black boots. This look combines femininity and strength, a common style that Atlanta is sure to embrace!

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