2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

February 12, 2013 2:39 PM

While chilly temperatures throughout the Atlanta area may not signal spring’s arrival in just mere months, one has only to look to store-front windows or peruse the racks at a charming boutique to elicit those first stirrings of spring fever.
dress up boutique on gainesville square   hillary harper 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

Dress Up Boutique
5 locations throughout Atlanta

Local fashionistas Derrick Case and Hillary Harper of Dress Up Boutique provide some useful tips and an exciting sneak peek at five of the hottest trends for spring 2013.

Head-to-Toe White

dress up boutique   white 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

Everything from crisp snow whites to rich, earthy ivories will serve as one of the coolest movements to hit the fashion world this spring. A touch of lace and sheer feminine details play into this trend beautifully. The best part is, even here in the South, there’s no longer a need for fashion-forward trend-watchers to wait until Easter’s arrival to don a pair of white ballet flats or a simple off-white shift dress.

Bold Prints

dress up boutique   bold prints 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

In contrast to the pallid purity of the white trend mentioned above, colorful retro prints are making a bold comeback. From graphic print dresses to make-a-statement tops featuring animal prints (peacock is particularly popular), abstract prints and full-blown landscapes, this trend pays homage to the fashions of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Harper suggests creating a balance with neutral accessories when wearing bold prints.

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dress up boutique   stripes 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

Anything goes with the oft-recurring trend of stripes. From color combinations to width of the stripe – black and white, red and white, navy and white, pinstripe, bold stripe, mixed widths, horizontal and vertical – this is a terrific trend with which to have fun. Trend-setters can create a classic nautical look with a navy and white striped top paired with classic white cropped pants, or an ultra-stylish look with a multi-striped off-shoulder mini-dress and t-strap sandals.


dress up boutique   seafoam 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

Rumor has it that blue is the new black. Everything from a soothing yet exciting cobalt blue to the marriage of blue and green in a harmonious sea foam, fashion fans will find influences of blue in accessories and garments throughout spring 2013.

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dress up boutique   flourescents 2013 Spring Fashion Tips From Atlanta Fashionistas

(photo credit: Hillary Harper)

The return of fluorescents is another colorful “tip-of-the-hat” to previous decades. Reminiscent of the neon go-go era during the 60s and the vibrant fashion debuts of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper in the 80s, shoppers can expect to see hi-lighter yellow, hot pink and neon green lining the shelves of their favorite boutiques leading into spring.

Case adds that other trends worth noting include an emphasis on accessories such as bubble necklaces, as well as bangles and stacked bracelets – what he refers to as “arm candy.” Harper says that short skirts will continue to reign supreme, although it is perfectly acceptable to incorporate a pair of leggings for those who are less comfortable with the shorter styles. The biggest trend, insists Harper, is one towards individualism, which is most successful when one wears a look with confidence

About Derrick Case and Hillary Harper of Dress Up Boutique:

As college students in Dahlonega, Georgia, Derrick Case and his wife Darlene – a stylist at J Thomas Salon in Dawsonville – saw a combined need and opportunity in the charming town center. They felt that by working directly with clothing manufacturers, they could find great fashion and market the hottest looks at a fraction of the cost other Atlanta shops and boutiques were charging, without ever sacrificing quality or image. The couple opened their first Dress Up Boutique in Dahlonega in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Derrick took a gamble and quit his full-time sales job to focus solely on the company’s growth and operations. In the time since, the couple has expanded their unique brand to five locations throughout Atlanta – with five more locations planned by the end of 2013. The two newest Dress Up Boutiques are slated for location in historic Norcross and Brookhaven. Dress Up Boutique receives 40 to 60 new styles per week, so every visit provides something new and exciting for the shopper. Hillary Harper – a homegrown girl from Gainesville, Georgia turned fashion student from Irvine, California – joined the Dress Up Boutique team in 2012 as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

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