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Why Women Live LongerMen, by and large, tend to do more stupid stuff.
Black Cat Folklore and Superstitions: ExplainedBlack cats have consistently played an important role in folklore and superstition throughout history In the Middle Ages, black cats were believed to be the evil, supernatural servant of witches, sent by the devil himself.
Cinder Block Falls On BusCinder Block Falls On Bus
Christmas FailsSo much can go wrong – between the tree, the decorations, the food, the presents, and all of the family time, you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster!
Top 10 Most Embarrassing Parents in Movies & TVWell-intentioned though they might be, these parental units come with a serious cringe factor. For this list, we’re looking at any and all embarrassing parents found throughout the world of television and film, and we’ll be considering both individual parents and couples.
Dramatic Slo-Mo CatsOh, cats. They are endlessly entertaining! But when you film them in slow motion, they become downright MAJESTIC.