Ryan Reynolds And Paul McCartney Nominated For Native American Chief RoleRyan Reynolds and Paul McCartney nominated for Native American Chief role.
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Donate $200k To Indigenous Women's Leadership InitiativeRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively donate $200k to indigenous women's leadership initiative.
Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds 'Donate $400k To Hospitals' Towards Fight Against CoronavirusBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have donated $400,000 to four New York hospitals.
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively To Send Food Banks $1 Million DonationRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively to Send Food Banks $1 Million Donation The pledge to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America.
Ryan Reynolds Almost Trampled By Passionate Fans At ConventionRyan Reynolds jumped out of the way of a falling barricade as fans accidentally pushed it over.
Will Ferrell To Star Alongside Ryan Reynolds In 'A Christmas Carol' Will Ferrell to star alongside Ryan Reynolds in " A Christmas Carol"
Blake Lively Pregnant"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively is pregnant with baby number three.
Ryan Reynolds Shares Big Once Upon A Deadpool NewsReynolds revealed a new photo of himself in full Deadpool gear laying on Fred Savage's leg as Savage reads the great holiday story.
Deadpool Makes Sure To Beep Himself For His New Christmas MovieIn this scene from 'Once Upon A Deadpool', called "Beeping Yourself", Fred Savage and Ryan Reynolds make sure Deadpool 2 Christmas special remains PG-13.
Mormons Might Sue Fox For New 'Deadpool' PosterThe groups have issues with a Deadpool poster that looks a too much like one of Jesus used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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