Michael B. Jordan Confirmed To Direct And Star In 'Creed III' Michael B. Jordan Confirmed To Direct And Star In ''Creed III.''
Ella Bleu Travolta To Star In 'Alice In Wonderland' RevampElla Bleu Travolta to star in ''Alice in Wonderland'' revamp.
2021 Golden Globes Must-See Moments2021 Golden Globes must-see moments.
Lenny Kravitz Joins 'Shotgun Wedding' /castLenny Kravitz joins ''Shotgun Wedding'' cast.
'Mission: Impossible 7' & 8 Reportedly No Longer To Be Filmed Consecutively''Mission: Impossible 7'' & 8 reportedly no longer to be filmed consecutively.
Matthew Modine Talks About ‘Stranger Things’ And New Film ‘Wrong Turn’Matthew Modine talks about ‘Stranger Things’ and new film ‘Wrong Turn.’
Sandra Bullock Joins Brad Pitt In 'Bullet Train'Sandra Bullock joins Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train."
'Sonic The Hedgehog 2' Announces 2022 Release Date'Sonic the Hedgehog 2' announces 2022 release date.
Chloe Zhao To Direct Futuristic 'Dracula' Movie Chloe Zhao to direct futuristic ''Dracula'' movie.
Wendy Williams' Biopic Is As Brutally Honest As She IsWendy Williams' biopic.
Kevin Hart Joins Cate Blanchett In 'Borderlands' MovieKevin Hart joins Cate Blanchett in ''Borderlands'' movie.
'Wonka' Prequel Set For 2023 Release'Wonka' prequel set for 2023 release.
Liam Neeson Retiring From Action FilmsLiam Neeson retiring from action films.
Jon M. Chu Withdraws From 'Willow' AdaptationJon M. Chu withdraws from 'Willow' adaptation.
Ray Fisher Reportedly Written Out Of 'The Flash'Ray Fisher reportedly written out of ''The Flash.''