Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Prepare For BabyThe couple plans to find a house that will be the perfect place for them to start their family…so two will becoming three very soon
Pete Davidson Makes Fun Of Ariana Grande Breakup Plus Hailey Bieber Clapsback at HatersPete Davidson is turning his heartbreak into comedy, turning his breakup with Ariana Grande into a comedy special!
Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Buying Demi Lovato’s House Where She OverdosedRemember how Demi Lovato put her Hollywood hills house...AKA the location of her overdose...up for sale last month? Well, the sprawling mansion has a potential buyer...and weirdly enough, it's Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.
Hailey Baldwin Takes Lie Detector Test: Justin’s Thoughts on Kendall RevealedKendall Jenner asked her bestie Hailey Baldwin while she was hooked up to a lie detector test if Justin thought she was cool during the preview for their Carpool Karaoke. After some time Hailey answered the question…However…that doesn't necessarily mean she was telling the truth.
Justin Bieber Caused Selena Gomez’s Breakdown ConfrimedIt's confirmed Justin Bieber's engagement and quickie marriage to Hailey Baldwin did play a role in Selena Gomez's breakdown and subsequent hospitalization.
Ariana Grande Having Possible Mental BreakdownDevastating news this morning about Pete and Ariana’s break up but now we’re thinking...Will Ariana face an emotional breakdown
Justin Bieber Broken After Selena Gomez HospitalizationThis is Justin Bieber leaving his Wednesday night church service just hours after news broke of Selena Gomez’s recent hospitalization
Justin Bieber’s Friends Freaking Out Over His Identity CrisisJustin's friends are worried that the newlywed might be having a major identity crisis now that he rushed into a marriage.
Hailey Baldwin Reveals Pregnancy DetailsThe curtain is being lifted people! We now know that Hailey Baldwin is officially Hailey Bieber...and based on Justin's dad's cryptic IG post about he and Justin being fathers, it seemed pretty obvious that Hailey was pregnant.
Justin Bieber Ruins Hailey Baldwin's Bachelorette PartyJustin Bieber is being one huge party pooper and keeping Hailey Baldwin on a short leash when it comes to her bachelorette party
Hailey Baldwin Pregnant With Justin Bieber’s Baby & Wedding ConfrimedWe’ve learned the two are in fact married and it appears they already have a little one on its way.
Cardi B Turning Herself Into Police Custody After Brutal FightJust a few hours ago news broke that Cardi B will be turning herself into police today for her involvement in a brutal strip club fight.
Sophie Turner’s Cringe Worthy Moment When She Met Justin BieberThe actress recounted the first time she ever met Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber Family Freaking Out Over WeddingAll of these crazy marriage rumors have those closest to Justin Bieber freaking out and wanting him to rethink things when it comes to his relationship with Hailey.
Ariana Grande’s Family Finally Approves Of Pete Davidson Because Of ThisPete Davidson has finally earned the respect and approval from Ariana Grande's family and it's all because of this.