Guillermo Del Toro Shares Epic List Of Unproduced ScreenplaysGuillermo del Toro may have taken home several trophies at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony for his film, "The Shape of Water," but that hasn’t stopped him from planning his next steps. “SCREENPLAYS I have developed, fully written or co-written that have gone unproduced (so far),” the thread began.
JK Rowling Teases New MaterialJ.K. Rowling was out doing press to hype the upcoming debut of the new Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer, and managed to drop a reveal that will keep her fans thirsting.
Carrie Fisher To Appear In 'Star Wars: Episode IX'Carrie Fisher will return as Leia Organa in "Star Wars: Episode IX"
Mark Hamill Trolls 'Star Wars' Fans Mark Hamill regularly taunts his followers on Twitter about his status in the galaxy far, far away.
Updated: Jar Jar Binks Actor Said He Considered Suicide After BacklashBest publicly opened up about his thoughts of suicide.
Venom Trailer Creates Huge BuzzSony's Venom movie hasn't generated the sort of buzz that all the other 2018 Marvel movies (and DC movie) have, but stay woke: Venom is quietly generating its own milestones.
Mark Hamill Talks Luke's JourneyIn the months following the film's release, Hamill regularly had to defend the film against detractors, resulting in the straw-grasping response that he was under Disney's promotional orders.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall Of Fame Inducting Stan Lee & J.K. RowlingLee and Rowling will be featured in MoPOP's Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame exhibition later this year.