William Shatner Recalls Difficult Start For 'Star Trek' FranchiseWilliam Shatner, who played Captain Kirk, said that the series had a hard time and they were being cancelled every year.
'Zombieland 2' To Start Filming In JanuaryThe long-awaited sequel to Zombieland will officially begin shooting on January 28th under the working title of "Zombieland Too."
Bruce Campbell Reveals His Beef With Superhero MoviesIn the years since becoming a horror icon in The Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell has become a larger-than-life personality whose charisma and humor rivals that of any on-screen character.
Mr. Robot Star Teases Series EndAccording to Christian Slater, Mr. Robot‘s upcoming fourth season will also be its last
Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Reveals How Acne Negatively Affects Her MoodRiverdale star Lili Reinhart has been refreshingly candid with fans about her struggles, including with acne, body dysmorphia, and panic attacks.
George Takei Talks 'Star Trek's Diversity, Past And FutureGeorge Takei Talks 'Star Trek's Diversity, Past And Future
Glenn Close On James Gunn FiringComicbook.com reports legendary actress Glenn Close who plays Nova Prime in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie has some thoughts on the Gunn controversy.
Kristen Stewart's Charlie's Angels Co-Stars RevealedNaomi Scott and British newcomer Ella Balinska are set to join Kristen Stewart in the studio's new Charlie's Angels reboot.
Stars Of Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Respond To ‘Fat Shaming’ BacklashA petition popped up online attempting to cancel "Insatiable." The creators of the petition say the series appears to be "fat shaming" girls.
Body-Positive Activists Are Not Happy With The Trailer For Netflix's New Show, ‘Insatiable’The “dark, twisted revenge comedy” was met with major backlash on Twitter for its “fat-shaming” plot.
Mark Hamill Trolls 'Star Wars' Fans Mark Hamill regularly taunts his followers on Twitter about his status in the galaxy far, far away.
New Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer Offers Glimpse Into Freddy Mercury's Private LifeMuch of the two-minutes feature showcases glitz, glamour and fantastical performances, but Mercury ― played by Rami Malek ― also talks about his lack of time.
Lando Will Return In ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’According to Uproxx, Billy Dee Williams has joined the cast of "Star Wars: Episode IX."
Katherine Heigl Apologizes For Cemetery PhotosUs Magazine reports that Heigl apologized in a statement Monday.
Michelle Pfeiffer Appears In Ant-ManIn the film Janet van Dyne was the original Wasp and the mother of Hope van Dyne, the current Wasp.