Kanye West Claims Wife Kim Kardashian Tried To 'Lock Him Up' In Bizarre Twitter RantKanye West claims wife Kim Kardashian tried to 'lock him up' in bizarre Twitter rant.
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Nicola Mclean Claims She Was Assaulted By Her MasseurNicola Mclean claims she was assaulted by her Masseur.
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Timothy Hutton Denies Rape AccusationTimothy Hutton has released a statement denying claims he raped a 14-year-old girl in 1983.
Tyler Perry Denies Exploiting Pain Of Black WomenTyler Perry Denies Exploiting Pain of Black Women Perry addressed claims that his films profited off of the suffering of black women during the premiere of his new romantic thriller, 'A Fall From Grace.'
R. Kelly‘s 'Girlfriend' Joycelyn Savage Claims She's 'Victim' Of Sexual And Psychological AbuseOne of R. Kelly‘s 'girlfriends', Joycelyn Savage, is reportedly no longer defending the star, instead claiming she's a "victim" of his sexual and psychological abuse.
James Franco Sued By Ex-StudentsJames Franco is being sued over claims students at his acting school were sexually exploited but has vowed to defend himself against the allegations.