Bird Caresses And Plays With Sleepy CatBird Caresses and plays with sleepy cat.
Hilarious Scenes Show A Cat Angry At Not Being Allowed Outside!Hilarious scenes show a cat angry at not being allowed outside!
Cat Sniffs Bug Moving On Floor And Starts GaggingCat sniffs bug moving on floor and starts gagging.
Cat Jumps And Grabs Door Handle To Open Door For Another CatCat knew that their friend was waiting on the other side of the locked door cat to began to attempt to open door.
Cat Plays Fetch With Owner Bringing Back The Ball Each TimeCat plays fetch with his owner.
Cat Waves Adorably At Owner While Asking Permission To Go OutsideCat convince his owner to let him go outside the house.
James Corden 'Lived As A Cat' To Prepare For Cats RoleJames Corden has joked he "lived as a cat for a week" to prepare for his role in ''Cats.''
Adorable Cat Giver Shoulder Massage To OwnerGraveskull, the Persian cat, gave body massage to her owner. She climbed on the back of the woman and adorably massaged her shoulder with her paws.
Dog Stops Owner From Rubbing CatA pet dog and a cat were sitting on the floor. Their owner was trying to rub both of them using his hands. But the dog stopped him every time he approached to rub the cat's body.
Kitty Keeps Cool In Refrigerator "This is my cat's way of summer cooling. He went all the way to the refrigerator to lie down."
Deputies Rescue Kitten Left Behind By Momma Cat Who Ran From Controlled Burn In Suisun CityA little kitten who was left behind by its momma running away from a controlled burn has a new home.