Natalie Portman Teases Early 2021 Filming For 'Thor: Love And Thunder'Natalie Portman teases early 2021 filming for "Thor: Love and Thunder."
Katy Perry Flees Australia After 'Coronavirus Scare'Katy Perry Flees Australia.
Miley Cyrus And Lil Nas X Set For Bushfire Relief ConcertMiley Cyrus and Lil Nas X are joining forces to play a special bushfire relief show in Melbourne, Australia.
Ruby Rose Donates $50,000 To Australian Bushfire Relief EffortsRuby Rose has donated $50,000 Australian dollars to her country.
Irwin Family Helping To Save Animals In Danger After Australia WildfiresTerri and Robert Irwin, spoke to Anderson Cooper about the work they are doing to help save the animals in wildfires.
Incredible 102-Year-Old Grandma Skydives to Raise Funds For Motor Neuron DiseaseIrene O’Shea, who lost her daughter to Motor Neurone Disease (MND), completed the skydive, which was her third since 2016, at the SA Skydiving Langhorne Creek drop zone.
Snowboarder Fails At Jump Trick Down SlopeAnother epic faceplant
Open Truck Tailgate Smashes Parked CarA pickup construction truck left its rear tailgate open, and it smashes the back end of a parked car.
Guy Faceplants Into Gravel After Backflip FailThis guy was trying to do a backflip off a swing set bar. However, it ended up poorly for him as he messed up his landing and instead of landing on his feet, face planted into the gravel.
Nude Golf Event In Full Swing At Course In AustraliaOn a golf course in northern Australia, everything is swinging — because 30 players are in the nude.
Worlds Oldest Known Message In A BottleThe world's oldest known message-in-a-bottle has been found washed up on a remote beach in Western Australia.