Taylor Gibson

taylor gibson Taylor GibsonTaylor Gibson is a graduate from Georgia State University, with a concentration in Journalism. He is an avid lover of “The Flash” who originally started with the Atlanta CW Crew doing social media promotion at fairs, festivals, and conventions. In his time on the job he discovered “The Flash” has a huge following and wanted to check it out for himself. Much to his surprise, by time he finished the first episode he was enamored with the show. As a result, He’s here bringing you weekly recaps.






Taylor Gibson, Former CW Crew member and Current CW Web Writer.

The Flash 5.16 Recap

The Flash S.4 E.22 – Think Fast Beautiful Chaos Agent Diggle visits A.R.G.U.S, but unlike in the past, they require a DNA signature to grant access – because of how Barry broke in at the end of last season with facial transmogrify. While assuming Diggle’s likeness, DeVoe Kilgore-hacks security and uses Null’s gravitational ability to […]


The Flash 5.2 Recap

The Flash S.4 E. 20 – Therefore She Is One week removed from last week’s fan service for Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) fans, we find ourselves entrenched in an episode full of Marlize’s flashbacks. These moments add a great deal of depth to her character development and help navigate us through key points of her […]


The Flash 4.18 Recap

The Flash S.4 E.18 – Lose Yourself At the end of last week, I projected that all hell would break loose this episode. In my non-braggadocio, I told you so fashion, allow me to say “I told you so,” because ish hit the fan! Differing Opinions Ralph and Barry visit Bus 405 to look for […]


The Flash 4.11 Recap

The Flash S.4 E.17 – Null and Annoyed It’s only right that The Flash return with a bang after a month-long intermission. This episode delivers in every way possible by depicting a balanced amount of action sequences while continually introducing plot intrigue. Long story short, a lot went on, so bear with me as I […]


The Flash 3.13 Recap

Run, Iris, Run Transference Barry meets Joe at Jitters to discuss his future with CCPD. It appears Barry’s suspension will last for awhile because the mayor wants to meet with the DeVoes, which [again] might require Ralph’s impersonating skills. Meanwhile, a bank robbery takes place as a metahuman uses intense heat powers to melt the […]


The Flash 3.6 Recap

S.4 E.15 – Enter Flashtime Unable to Find Happiness With a face covered in sweat, Barry tells Iris “I can’t save us this time!” while in a full-fledged panic attack. Flashback to just short of 9 minutes prior, we see Barry attempting to break through a breach, where we’re led to believe he is attempting […]


The Flash 2.27 Recap

 Suspended Barry excitedly walks into CCPD eager to return to work, since he is free and clear of all charges. He meets with Captain Singh who tells him he has to take an indefinite leave of absence at the mayor’s request. He returns to Star labs and meets with the team about switching their focus […]


The Flash Recap – 02.06

Bidding War Warden Wolfe invites Amunet to his discrete, Iron Heights metahuman prison wing. He briefly introduces her to all the metahumans [thus far] this season before introducing her to the Scarlet Speedster. At a whims decision, she decides she wants to purchase them all. Ralph returns to his private investigation office and finds a […]


The Flash Recap 1.23

The Stretchy Man It’s a well known fact that Barry is in jail – at least for the immediate future. So, Barry anxiously sits in his cell as a full-blown riot has broken out. To quell the pandemonium,  Barry zips around and places the prisoners back in their cells. Joe responds to a bank heist where […]


The Flash Recap 1.16

Innocent Man CCPD books Barry into jail, so he begins the episode with a monologue (which serves as his personal statement) about how although evidence stacks against him, he didn’t kill Clifford Devoe. Moments later Barry returns to Star Labs and we instantly start wondering how that’s possible but we quickly learn he’s been released […]