Marc Watkins

smzzvs5 2 Marc WatkinsMarc Watkins is a 20 year Atlanta resident, originally from Oklahoma. He graduated from Morehouse College after spending 5 years in the U.S. Air Force and is a lifelong nerd before it became cool. Marc has been collecting comic books for most of his life and has over 10,000 books in his collection. Marc has been writing for ATLCW and can be found on Twitter & Instagram: @ATLBlerd.

Legends of Tomorrow 4.09 Recap

Our show begins in the homeland of Amaya, Zambisi in Africa just as Mallus has emerged from the body of his host, Nora Darhk as her distraught father Damien looks on along with the rest of the Legends. Mallus is bent on destroying the world and all time so the Legends do their best to […]


Black Lightning 4.10 Recap

Our show begins with Tobias Whale getting dressed and looking at the wounds on his body. He has been missing from Freeland since he went toe-to-toe with Black Lightning and lost. After he’s all spruced up, Tobias meets with Proctor, the local head of the secretive governmental agency ASA that Peter Gambi, Black Lightning’s confidante, […]


Black Lightning 4.03 Recap

Our show begins in a secret ASA warehouse where previously captured kids with powers are being stored. The traitorous Kara Fowdy, Jefferson Pierce’s Vice Principal, is talking with an ASA scientist about the pod people they’re storing. Because they’ve had to move them several times recently, some of the pods are malfunctioning which Fowdy says […]


Arrow 3.29 Recap

Our show begins four years in the past when we see Thea Queen walking towards a limousine. When she enters it, there waiting for her is her father, Malcolm Merlyn.  Malcolm is on the run and plans to leave the city and offers to take Thea with him so they can travel anywhere in the […]


Legends of Tomorrow 3.26 Recap

Our show begins with Legend’s captain Sara walking away with her team in her wake stating she’s going to take some time off. She recently went through a breakup with her girlfriend Ava of the Time Bureau and wants to get her mind together. As she leaves she places Amaya in charge as temporary captain. […]


Black Lightning 3.27 Recap

Our show begins during the night time in Freeland. We see 2 Bits, a street hustler, peddling his wares to pedestrians when he notices a young girl buy Green Light from a drug dealer. As soon as she takes it, her body begins to glow as if she’s on fire then out of nowhere a […]


Black Lightning 3.20 Recap

Our show begins with Jefferson working out his anger and frustration on a punching bag after learning he’s been betrayed for years by Gambi.  Turns out that “Gambi” was really Peter Exposito and instead of being a mild-mannered tailor, he was actually an agent of a super-secret organization that was responsible for pushing a “vaccine” […]


Legends of Tomorrow 3.12 Recap

Our show begins in a small music shop in Memphis, Tennessee in 1950. As the proprietor sits behind the register, a gangly youth walks in with a hand full of pocket change so that he can purchase his first guitar. The clerk tells the man that, much like Harry Potter’s wand, the guitar picks the […]


Arrow 03.08 Recap

Our show begins with Mayor Queen in his office speaking with his sister Thea when in walks his lawyer (Mayor Queen is currently under federal indictment for a host of charges stemming from his nocturnal activities as a masked vigilante) bearing good tidings: she claims with certainty that she can make Oliver’s federal case disappear. […]


Black Lightning 03.06 Recap

Our show begins with Nissa getting checked out by her mother Lynn in the Power Station, Black Lightning’s secret headquarters in the bottom of Peter Gambi’s clothing shop. Last episode, Black Lightning and Nissa got in to a fight due to mistaken identities and intentions with the father getting the best of the daughter. Lynn, […]