Jennifer Cleary

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Falls Short

No matter how terrible the story is, there’s something exciting about seeing a dinosaur on the big screen.


Tag is Equal Parts Funny and Sentimental

More than a rowdy comedy, Tag is about the importance of friendship and how holding onto a piece of your adolescence can help preserve the past and re-strengthen a bond.


Ocean’s 8 Lacks Style and Substance

It’s all about the con, conning us into thinking it’s something it’s not.



Tully is about Saying Farewell to Your Younger Self

On the surface, Tully is about the perils of motherhood. The late nights, the selfless acts that go unnoticed and the loss of your identity. I’ve experienced all these as a mother to a three-year-old pup. I can’t imagine the highs and lows that accompany raising a child. While motherhood plays a pivotal role in […]


Avengers: Infinity War Does Not Disappoint

Discombobulated, but an edge of your seat fun ride.


‘A Quiet Place’ Pays Homage to Hitchcock

An enjoyable rollercoaster ride to impress even the most diehard Hitchcock fans.


Theo James and Shailene Woodley, "Divergent" Black Carpet Event

Top Pop Culture Stories in Three Sentences or Less

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Spar in Final Presidential Debate – While Clinton justified her stances on women’s rights and immigration, Trump provided some much-needed comic relief with gems such as calling Clinton a “nasty woman” and admitting to being a future poor loser. This late in election, you have to laugh to keep yourself […]


This Week in 3 Sentences or Less

Here are some of this week’s biggest stories in three sentences or less: Taylor Swift Disses Tina Fey, Amy Poehler— Taylor Swift can’t take a joke, not even when it’s coming from two of the funniest women in entertainment. In a recent magazine interview, Swift responds to the harmless joke made by Fey, Poehler at […]



Stoker Review

The family drama is an all too familiar genre, but add dark humor, murder and incest to the mix and it makes for a fun, demented thriller. In “Stoker,” Korean director Chan-wook Park teeters between art and vulgarity. While the script from Wentworth Miller (“Prison Break”) needs to be fleshed out more, I couldn’t look […]


Emperor Review

Movies based on historical events don’t have to be boring, with “Argo,” “Apollo 13” and “Saving Private Ryan” being a few of my favorites. Often times when making a movie based on real events, creative liberties must be taken so that the story is compelling to watch on-screen. Unfortunately, Peter Webber’s “Emperor” doesn’t translate well […]