Car Burns At Iconic Art Installation Cadillac Ranch On Route 66 In TexasInvestigators say the person behind it could face arson and environmental charges.
WATCH: McDonald’s Employee Allegedly Punches Customer Who Complained About Cold FriesA customer who says he was choked and punched by a fast food employee in New Orleans said it all started with bad service.
Florida Man Arrested In Nude Attack Against Female Tourists In Key WestA Florida man is under arrest for battery against two women he met on Duval Street in Key West.
Police: Tenant Behind On Rent Played Dead To Avoid LandlordA Maine man who allegedly played dead to fool his landlord because he was behind on his rent ended up in jail, police said.
Morticians Preserve Tattooed Skin Of Dead Loved Ones As ArtworkIf you are looking for a new way to memorialize loved ones who have passed, you may want to contact a father/son duo of morticians in Ohio.
'I Can’t Go Out There': Vegan Sues Neighbors Over Barbecue Meat SmellsA vegan has taken her neighbors all the way to Australia's Supreme Court after complaining about the smell of meat and fish emanating from their barbecues.
Would You Live In An Airplane House?Joe Axline decided one day that he couldn't live in a 'regular house', so he built himself his own-- In a retired airplane! His home has everything from a fully functional bathroom to a first-class master bedroom.
Tom Ford Thinks 'Happiness Doesn't Exist'Fashion designer Tom Ford thinks happiness doesn't exist and claims the emotion is "stupid."
Alienstock? Man Behind Viral Area 51 Event Planning Music FestMatty Roberts, the 21-year-old organized Alienstock Festival about 27 miles outside Area 51 mysterious military base known as Area 51, i Up to 30,000 people are expected to show.
Missing Dentures Found Stuck In Man’s Throat 8 Days After Routine SurgeryA 72-year-old man who endured a harrowing eight days after his false teeth got stuck in his throat during surgery has finally recovered following additional surgery, doctors in Britain said.
Florida Man Caught With Live Grenade During Traffic StopA traffic stop in DeSoto County led to sheriff's deputies to a cache of weapons, a rifle and an M67 grenade.