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Greenland (2020) PG-13


Photo courtesy of STXfilms

News that cities around the world are being leveled by the fragments of a comet that has entered the earth’s atmosphere. John (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and their young son, Nathan ( Roger Dale Floyd), are on a desperate trek to find a possible safe haven as the world around them evolves into chaos and madness.    Greenland Website

What to Watch For: Screenwriter for the film Chris Sparling is best known for his screenplay for the award-winning 2010 film Buried.

Word on the Street: The comet is named ‘Clarke’ after the late Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke.

My Take: One of the film’s stars is a favorite of mine, Scott Glenn.


Fatale  (2020)  R 


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Derrick (Michael Ealy), a successful sports agent, has a one-night stand with a sexy and mysterious woman (Hilary Swank). Derrick picked the wrong woman to mess with, and now his life, his family, and his career are in peril as he tries desperately to put the pieces together as he falls deep into her trap.     Fatale Website

What to Watch For: The film is directed by Deon Taylor, who directed Meet the Blacks ( 2016) and Traffix (2018).

Word on the Street: Director Deon Taylor and Michael Ealy last worked together on the 2019 film The Intruder.

My Take: This should be fun to see Hilary Swank in the bad-guy role.


Hunter Hunter (2020)

Hunter Hunter

Photo courtesy of IFC Midnight

Joseph (Devon Sawa), his wife Anne (Camille Sullivan), and their daughter Renée (Summer H. Howell) are a family living in the remote wilderness, struggling to survive as they earn a living as fur trappers. To their dismay, a rogue wolf has returned and is robbing their traps. Joseph leaves his family behind to trap the wolf, with Anne and Renée to fend for themselves in woods that have become dark and deadly.    Hunter Hunter Website

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What to Watch For: Lead actress Camille Sullivan is best known for her work as Karen in the TV series The Man in the High Castle.

Word on the Street: Writer/director Shawn Linen was a writer on the TV series The Fixer and In Plain Sight.

My Take: I have been a fan of Devon Sawa since he was Sam Matthews on the hit TV show Nikita.


Nasrin (2020)


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Documentary about one of the world’s most courageous human rights activists and her involvement with the women’s rights movement in Iran.    Nasrin Website

What to Watch For: The film was secretly shot by men and women who risked their lives and freedom in Iran.

Word on the Street: Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Coleman narrates the film.

My Take: The film features interviews with acclaimed filmmaker Jafar Panahi, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, journalist Ann Curry, exiled women’s rights activist Mansoureh Shojaee, and Nasrin Sotoudeh.


Modern Persuasion (2020)

Modern Persuasion

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Wren (Alicia Witt) is a successful working woman who has never gotten over a lost love from college. In walks Owen (Shane McRae), her old college sweetheart who wants to hire Wren’s company to promote his new app. Can Wren juggle working with Owen with her past staring her in the face?   Modern Persuasion Info

What to Watch For: The film is a retelling of the Jane Austen novel Persuasion.

Word on the Street: The supporting cast includes Mark Moses (Mad Men, Desperate Housewives), Liza Lapira (Nancy Drew), Daniella Pineda (The Originals), and Bebe Neuwirth (Frasier, Cheers).

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My Take: I have been a big fan of Alicia Witt since her days on the hit TV show Cybil.