(CBS Local)– Actor Gillian Jacobs is one of the many stars to make an appearance on season two of “The Twilight Zone” on CBS All Access.

Jacobs in featured in the first episode of the season called “Meet In The Middle” with Jimmi Simpson, where a man named Phil connects telepathically with a complete stranger named Annie. Phil begins doing things for a woman he’s never met and Jacobs was honored to work with executive producer Jordan Peele for the second time in her career on a weighty project like this.

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“I was so excited for a lot of different reasons,” said Jacobs in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “One of which is that my good friend Alex Rubens, who wrote on Community for years, is one of the main writers and producers on the series. It was a chance for me to get to work with Alex again. I’d missed that since Community ended. Jimmi Simpson is an incredible actor and he also stars on the episode. That was exciting and obviously any time Jordan Peele asks you to do something, you feel very honored and lucky. I thought it was a really interesting episode and a fascinating character for me to play.”


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Jacobs was pumped to be involved in something like “The Twilight Zone,” which she calls an institution that goes beyond the decades. In addition to her TV work, Jacobs is also in a new movie called “I Used To Go Here,” which is now streaming on demand. The actor plays a writer who returns to college after her writing career screeches to a halt and Jacobs enjoyed exploring the concept of nostalgia.

“Any time you get to make an Indie movie, it feels like a triumph,” said Jacobs. “Kris Rey wrote and directed this. My character is a woman who has a book come out and the character hates the cover. The book doesn’t get very good reviews, the whole book tour is cancelled and she’s really feeling like a total failure. The only kind of press invitation she has is to go back to her alma mater and give a talk. Once she gets there, she kind of gets sucked into this nostalgia of who she was in college. She meets all the current college students who live in the house she used to live in.”

While Jacobs has been involved in many film, TV and podcast projects, she’s best known for playing Britta Perry on “Community.” The gig was her first job in television and Jacobs is forever grateful that she got the chance to do over 100 episodes of the show with people like Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong and Alison Brie.

“I got to do a little Zoom reunion with the cast a few months ago, so I’m hoping we get to do an in-person reunion at some point,” said Jacobs. “It’s really fun, the ways in which we are all connected. It was my first television show and I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal. Now looking back, I see just how dramatic it was day in and day out. At the time I didn’t have anything to compare it to and it was a wild ride. The first thing that comes to mind is the incredible cast. For a lot of us, it was our first television jobs and discovering who these people were and how incredibly talented they were.”

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