Welcome to the fifteenth installment of the Flashback. This week’s episode focuses on problem-solving without using speed and dealing with grief to break free of limitations and negative energy.


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Exorcising Nash Wells

While stumped trying to decipher a way to build a speed force, Cisco gives Barry a Speed Gauge to help regulate his remaining speed.

Nash interrupts by begging for freedom and confesses to Team Flash that he has seen multiple versions of himself. Further examination of his brain waves determines that there are multiple inputs tangled together. Essentially, each Wells from the multiverse is fused within Nash Wells. He tells them that he has a neuro-splicer in his bag but is unsure if it can separate thousands of brain waves all at once. Cisco immediately supercharges the device and unknowingly knocks team flash down, which allows Nash Wells to board a time traveler. Barry dashes and snatches Nash Wells out of the Traveler, so Thawn mocks his handling of Nora. This pushes Barry’s emotions to the brink and he almost phase-hands Nash Wells.

Caitlin tells Barry to leave the speed lab because his anger puts him at risk of speed consumption. Cecile [cheerfully] arrives with a bag of [joke] goodies eager to perform an exorcism. Cisco asks Cecile to help navigate through negative tachyons and determine when Nash Wells is free of Thawn’s influence. She agrees, so Cisco initiates the exorcism.

Moments later, we transfer to a dream of Earth-719 from 8 years prior. Nash Wells tries to uncover a treasure as a little girl named Maya sneaks into his quarters. She helps him find the treasure, so in exchange, Nash gives Maya his hat. As she leaves, Maya tells him that she no longer has any living parents, so Nash teaches her to bust archaeological myths following rule number 1: the prize is everything.

As the flashback ends, we see Nash Wells walking through a tunnel listening to Cecile and Cisco discussing his comatose state. He nears the Monitor’s door and encounters the Reverse-Flash. Thawn manages to drag Nash Wells into a negative memory where Maya dies as the result of greed. Guilt and shame overwhelm Nash Wells into submission and allow Thawn to momentarily connect to his speed force.

Cisco believes it’s only a matter of time before Thawn takes over Nash Wells’ body, so Cecile prepares to destroy Nash well’s gadgets. Upon picking up his knapsack, the picture of Nash and Maya falls out. They quickly surmise how Thawn manipulates Nash Wells, so Barry enters with a device that should help them win the consciousness battle from the inside out.

Barry and Cisco arrive in Nash Wells’s bad dream. Cisco pleads with and motivates Nash Wells to face the light behind the door. Thawn further chastises Barry’s handling of Nora to generate more power, but Barry and Cisco use their losses of Nora and Gypsy to push Nash Wells to face his emotions. Upon stepping through the light, we find Nash on Earth-13 one year prior. We see visions of Maya falling to her death after claiming a prize. Nash Wells returns from the light claiming responsibility for teaching the lesson that lead to Maya’s death. This weakens Thawn’s control and completes the exorcism.


Success is Assured 

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Eva and Fake Iris welcome Kamilla to their parallel dimension. Eva quickly tells them about a Prismatic Refractor and asks them to retrieve it from Mercury Labs. Joe meets with Detective Singh and updates him on the Carver case. Joe determines that Carver had internal police help, yet Singh minimizes this and questions if Joe has personal motives and cautions him to proceed carefully.

Fake Iris and Kamilla locate the Refractor. Another meta (named Sunshine) emerges and beats them to their prize, so fake Iris dispatches team Flash to the scene. Frost arrives for battle, and against her instruction, Barry Zips in and grabs the Refractor. Barry’s speed glitches, so Sunshine uses a light illusion to flee the scene as Joe and CCPD arrive.

Barry blames himself for Sunshine’s escape, and Joe (like the rest of the crew) advises against speed use. Fake Iris identifies Sunshine as ex-military personnel and fishes for more info, which Joe notices she prioritizes over Barry’s injury. Iris heads over to console Barry and says that maybe “Barry” can solve problems that The Flash can’t. She tells him to focus on Sunshine’s limits, which causes Barry to generate a plan and leave searching for Joe. No sooner than Barry leaves, fake Iris calls fake Kamilla and tells her to prepare to steal the Refractor during transport.

Joe secures clearance for the Prismatic Refractor’s transfer to ARGUS. Singh arrives to oversee the transfer, but Sunshine thwarts this effort. She knocks out a couple of guards, which allows Barry to grab the Refractor and run to his CSI lab. Once Sunshine is lured inside, they arrest her by barricading the windows – thus blocking her solar powers. Before departing, Singh suggests that Sunshine was the internal informant.


Wrapping Up

Satellite tests determine that there are no negative remnants of Thawn, so Cisco takes a moment to help Nash-Wells coping with the responsibility of Maya’s death. Barry and Caitlin make amends for him not following her advice during the battle, so Barry tells team Flash he believes he’s found a way to build a speed force – and reveals Nora’s journal as the source. 

While CCPD and Sunshine were preoccupied fighting each other, Fake Iris and Kamilla swapped the Prismatic Refractor with a fake duplicate. They return the original to Eva, thus, “assuring [her] success.” Eva appears close to completing a plan, yet team Flash has few answers on how to preserve Barry’s speed. How will team Flash stymie new problems with limited functionality? Be sure to tune in on April 7th to Atlanta’s CW to see the latest developments.


-Taylor Gibson

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