This week’s episode of Batwoman opens with a mystery woman putting makeup on her face. Looking into a mirror she sees a grotesque version of herself. Dissatisfied with her appearance, she breaks the mirror and cuts her face with a piece of the glass.

Fast-forward to Luke and Mary questioning Kate and Sophie respectively after revealing that they shared a kiss with one another on a rooftop. Batwoman later invites Sophie to meet at Sophie’s apartment via a text message.  Alice is seen furious at the tiny blurb in the obituary concerning her death, which calls her deranged with no services planned for her. Good news in the form of Mouse’s dad being back is brought to her by one of her henchmen. Meanwhile, a lawyer pays Jacob a visit. The lawyer threatens Jacob to move his case up in return for saving his life in jail and states that if Jacob does not help, he will reveal the secrets he knows of the Crows.

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Back at Sophie’s apartment, Sophie and Batwoman meet with Batwoman informing Sophie that what they share must end, lest Sophie gets hurt. Sophie expresses she does not care as she walks up to Batwoman and they kiss. Sophie then hears a noise from her apartment and leaves to investigate, finding her mom paying her a surprise visit. Kate and Luke are later seen investigating an attack on a social media influencer named Kimberly, who was left with scars on her face. Kate pays Mary a visit to see if she may have an idea of who is committing the attacks with Mary directing Kate to Dr. Ethan Campbell, a plastic surgeon who performed work on Kimberly.


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At Sophie’s apartment, Sophie’s mom questions her about her divorce from Tyler and her suspension from the Crows. Mom then speaks on Batwoman and states she doesn’t approve of Batwoman being gay nor her values. Batwoman and Sophie later meet in an alley with Sophie venting about her mom. Batwoman informs Sophie her lead on “the slasher” points to Dr. Campbell. Sophie pays Dr. Campbell a visit, who reveals to Sophie that he worked on a young woman by the name of Duela Dent, who had similar scars.


Batwoman visits Duela’s room to look for clues with Luke enabling her suit cam to search as well. After finding a sort of hit list, Batwoman hears a noise downstairs and heads there to find the Duela’s mom tied up with scars. Batwoman attempts to save her, but the Duela immediately slashes her throat before escaping. Batwoman brings a page from Duela’s yearbook to Mary, who is able to use it to identify the next victim, Veronica May. Mary directs Batwoman to a cosmetic truck where Batwoman discovers Veronica is missing. Sophie arrives just before the Crows do and warns Batwoman that they will soon arrive. The two escape via Batwoman’s bike and head to the nearby chemical factory. Meanwhile, Alice pays Mary a visit herself stating she owes her for saving her life and takes some supplies. Mary asks if she knows who Batwoman is of which she says yes and that if she, Mary, doesn’t know, then they are not friends.

At the chemical factory, Duela is torturing Veronica over a vat. Batwoman saves Veronica while Sophie confronts and defeats Duela. Post-fight, Batwoman and Sophie engage in a conversation on whether or not they can be in a relationship with Batwoman explaining they could not be more than they were that very night. During their conversation, Alice sneaks in to visit the tied up Duela and makes an offer to help them both get revenge on Dr. Campbell. She takes Duela’s face and uses it to visit and attack Dr. Campbell. She takes off Duela’s face, revealing that she is Alice, much to Dr. Campbell’s surprise.

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Jacob leaves a voicemail for Sophie stating that he needs her to help clean up the Crows, while in the meantime, Sophie informs her mom that she was never in love with Tyler and that the first time she was in love was with a woman. Her mom expresses her disappointment and storms out. Meanwhile, Mary meets Kate at a bar where Kate lies to Mary about what is bothering her. Before leaving, Mary thanks Kate for trusting her to keep her double life a secret and hopes that Kate will be able to trust her back. Later, Alice is seen with a captured Dr. Campbell. She takes his face off revealing that he is August. The episode concludes with Alice questioning August as August laughs.