Welcome to the thirteenth installment of the Flashback. This week’s theme centers on capitalizing when given a second chance, and how to use manipulation for personal advantage.


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Changes, Changes, Changes


With flowers in hand, Barry approaches an unknown destination. A meta alert pings, so he rushes downtown to stop a jewel heist. Much to his surprise, Camilla and Chester are running the helm because the rest of Team Flash is occupied. Barry zooms in an easily apprehends the Pied Piper who explains he’s a jewel thief since the Flash [and crew] committed some unthinkable act. This post-Crisis change surprises Barry, so the Pied Piper runs away. Chester and Camilla immediately track his location and tries to direct Barry, but he attempts his [own] route and is forced to phase through an oncoming train. Yet another post-crisis change is a city rail line.


First Chance ( this section will tell two different stories running concurrently)


Back at Star Labs, Barry requests a report of all recent city changes. He’s zooming around the lab, which excites Chester, as the report finishes calculating a whopping 3.572 trillion changes. Chester tells Barry he can expedite Gideon’s intelligence if he makes a simple tweak, but Barry declines his help. Barry then tells Camilla that his flower bound location was his parent’s gravesite, but it was no longer there and the changes fluster him. After not feeling welcomed, Camilla asks Barry to take it easier on Chester before leaving.


Barry continues working on Gideon, but his new earbud device knocks him unconscious and he awakens in a cell secured by Thawne. Meanwhile, in Barry’s subconscious state, an altered Caitlin tells Barry to speak using sign language. He goes to get a drink of water and sees a reflection of Grodd, so Barry determines that he’s in Grodd’s captivity. Seeking revenge for losing his mind, Grodd promises to punish Barry, so Barry reminds him of his past poor decisions and tells him he deserves captivity. Grodd agrees and tries to earn Barry’s trust by returning his powers. Instantly, Barry zooms and throws a super-punch that knocks Grodd senseless.


– Frost arrives at STAR labs and tells Chester to approach Barry directly. They enter the speed lab and find Barry unconscious.


Barry finally finds the exit portal, but Solovar (the other king Gorilla) plays gatekeeper and defeats him. Barry returns face-to-face with Grodd who explains that their current “MindScape” will destruct. Yet again, Grodd tries to explain that Crisis changed him, and he needs Barry’s help to get back Gorilla City – which is also another change to Earth-Prime. As a result, Barry theorizes they can beat Solovar if they fight together.


– Frost quickly determines that Barry is hypnotized by Grodd and explains why Barry is in imminent danger and how the neural inhibitor is at fault. Chester confesses that he made some unapproved changes and apologizes. Further conversation reveals that Chester’s experiments have a history of failing, but Frost feels sympathetic and offers a second chance.


Second Chance


Barry and Grodd return to the exit portal. Somehow, Barry shares his speed and fuses with Grodd. Although their fusion will help defeat Solovar, if Barry and Grodd fail to separate at the perfect time, they will both die, so Chester augments Gideon [again] to perfectly time when to split.


Losing the fight against Solovar appears inevitable, but Barry breaks out the famous “run _____. RUN!” speech, which motivates Grodd to create a whirlwind and attack Solovar from above. Chester performs the de-splicing at the perfect time and saves Barry.

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Fake Iris approaches Joe to fish him for leads and shouts at him when he declines. She apologizes and invites him to lunch at noon. Upon arriving at lunch, Joe calls fake Iris for an estimated time of arrival. She deflects by saying she mistakenly believed they scheduled lunch at 12:30. Meanwhile, she was actually in his office hacking his computer for information on Joseph Carver.


Still trapped in the Mirrorverse, Eva explains that she built a prototype that she’s too afraid to use but applauds Iris’ bravery. Eva tries to back out but Iris feels Eva apprehension and forces her to reveal that she suffers burns when on the other side of the mirror. Eva adds credibility to her story by revealing the burns for proof – because she feels words mean nothing. She asks Iris to fetch more bandages for her burns, and as Iris does, Eva approaches the mirror and reveals that she is controlling fake Iris.


Liar Liar


While out with Allegra, Nash-Wells requests that she help him charge a gadget to capture particles. Allegra detects an odd familiarity with how Nash-Wells speaks to her and asks why. He lies to Allegra, yet French Harrison Wells appears, scolds him for lying, and tells him his gadget won’t work. Nash-Wells tries anyway and a small explosion knocks him and Allegra down. While they recover, Allegra finds a picture of Nash-Wells and her doppelganger, so she demands answers.


Nash-Wells enters and asks to speak with Frost to discuss Allegra’s findings. Since Nash-Wells had ample opportunities to explain the truth, Frost has zero sympathy for his predicament. Nash-Wells finally works up the courage to tell Allegra the truth, but before he does the French Harrison Wells confronts Nash-Wells with furious, Eobard Thawne, red-eyes and barks “HE. IS. COMING!”


Wrapping Up


After defeating Solovar, A.R.G.U.S grants Grodd limited freedom. Cisco calls Camilla to inform her that he’s coming home. Barry apologizes to Chester, who in turn, tells Barry that he thinks he found his parent’s gravesite. A meta alert displays that the Pied Piper strikes again, so Barry essentially invites Chester to become a part of Team Flash by running communications.


During the episode, I got an uneasy feeling that Eva’s evasiveness and Fake Iris were [somehow] connected. I believe the audience quickly makes this connection when Eva reaches through the mirror and burns her arms because her arms reached through the mirror in the same fashion as the hands that grabbed Iris.


It’s uncertain what intentions Eva has with Iris or her true motives for kidnapping her in the first. On another note, it’s also undetermined why various versions of Harrison Wells keep appearing in Nash-Wells’ life, prompting us to ask “who is coming?” Is it the Reverse Flash? Be sure to tune in next week to Atlanta’s CW to see the latest developments


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-Taylor Gibson