This week’s episode of Batwoman picks up in jail. Sophie and Jacob are trying to get Dr. Campbell to testify that Jacob was framed for Catherine’s murder. Jacob then tells Sophie to stop Alice by any means necessary. Sophie then commands the Crows to search for Alice, giving them a shoot on-sight order. Alice kills and takes the uniform of a Crow to sneak into Mouse’s hospital room where Mouse reveals Beth tricked him.

Beth tries to sneak out of the Crow’s checkpoints with Luke’s and Mary’s assistance, but her headaches continue to worsen and she ultimately makes a noise, drawing the Crow’s attention. Batwoman arrives on the scene and instructs for Luke and Mary to follow her. They successfully make it to Wayne Enterprises where it is determined that the cause of Beth’s headaches was from her cells deteriorating at a rapid pace. Mary estimates Beth has about seven hours to live. Kate, wanting to save her sister, pays Sophie a visit as Batwoman and asks for the Crow’s search of Alice to be called off, but Sophie refuses.

Back at Wayne Enterprises, Beth surmises that both she and Alice cannot co-exist on one Earth. Alice appears and confronts everyone about what happened. Beth explains to Alice how she experienced a different childhood as Kate was able to save her from falling after the car crash. Alice then attempts to kill Beth but is thwarted by Kate. Alice then visits Mary. Alice believes the antidote from the Coryana flower, which is still present in Mary’s bloodstream, can help with the headaches and ear bleeds. Alice forces Mary to assist her by knocking Mary out to draw a vial of blood from her. Mary engages in a fight with Alice and ends up chaining Alice to a bed. Mary takes the vial of blood in the process and rushes off with it to Kate. Alice then calls the Crows and provides them with Beth’s location. Alice is later visited by a hallucination of Catherine telling her that they’ll be reunited in Hell.

Alice informs the Crows that Beth was at Wayne Enterprises. Mary arrives, presents Kate with the vial of her blood, and instructs Kate to use it on Beth. Kate  does and has Luke escort Beth out on her Batbike through the checkpoints. Kate then visits Alice, says goodbye, and states that she cannot save her. Kate lies by Alice’s side and tells her she hopes she finds peace. Sophie is then seen with Luke and Beth in her sights as they escape the city. She decides not to take the shot and instead orders the Crows to surround and arrest them.  Unfortunately, though, Campbell also has them in his sights and he snipes Beth, which brings Alice back to life, spooking Kate in the process. Alice, with vengeance in her eyes, says to Kate, “You thought I died. Well, I didn’t…” and knocks Kate out with a surgical tray.