Welcome to the eleventh installment of The Flashback. Naturally, heading towards Valentine’s Day, this week’s theme centers on love and communication.


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Full of Surprises


Iris weakly stumbles out of the mirror that captured her (last episode) at McCulloch Tech. She takes a few moments to compose herself then leaves.

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, Iris surprises Barry with pancakes for breakfast. He notices they are exceptionally good and almost insults Iris with a backward compliment. They continue enjoying breakfast and schedule plans for an evening dinner.


Barry and Iris meet for a formal Italian dinner. The waiter approaches them speaking fluid Italian, so Barry tries to tell him they don’t speak Italian, yet Iris quickly responds to the waiter in his native tongue. Iris deflects by saying she learned Italian while working on an article, and continues to display her knowledge. Moments later, a glass shatters and Amunet strolls into the restaurant seeking prized technology. She claims the prize, so Barry steps forward as a member of CCPD and attempts to place her under arrest. Amunet mocks his efforts to apprehend her in plain clothes and taunts him with exposing Team Flash’s identities. As a result, he’s forced to let her walk free.


Police aren’t able to generate any leads on Amunet’s whereabouts, so Barry wants to dash and sweep the city, but Iris says they will find her hideout instead. Iris enters the hideout donning a tough-girl mentality, wearing a dark biker’s outfit. She tells the bartender she’s looking for Amunet, and silence spreads throughout the bar, so Iris cracks a bottle of over the bouncer’s head to show that she means business. Slightly intimidated, the bartender gives up Amunet’s last known location. Although Iris gathers necessary information, Barry chastises Iris’s risky and dangerous work


Barry and Iris track Amunet to a warehouse. As they sneak around, they see her squabble with Goldface. It appears that things will get physical, but instead, they hurl petty insults from time spent during their relationship. Suddenly, Goldface uses his chain like a whip and snatches the device from Amunet. A security guard (too nervous to shoot) gets pinned under a boulder, so Barry rushes to assist him. Amunet and Goldsmith flea the scene, yet Iris manages to steal their prized device. 


Tension rises between Amunet’s and Goldface’s gangs, so Iris tells Barry they can no longer lay low because it appears that Amunet will take immediate action. Conflict ensues and Barry confronts Iris about seeming “different,” yet her new sense of independence seizes control of the conversation and she ridicules Barry for not respecting her growth.


Iris tracks Amunet to another hideout and offers her the necessary piece of technology. She proceeds to tell Amunet about a particular flower that can be synthesized into a mind-reading narcotic. Iris gains Amunet’s trust by telling her that she would like to use the narcotic on Barry. Amunet and Iris go “flower shopping,” which Iris uses as an opportunity to dig deeper into the details of Amunet’s relationship with Goldface. Shortly thereafter, Iris learns that the device she gave Amunet is an incubator. Goldface arrives to steal it and another showdown ensues. This time around, the Flash, disarms both of their armies and meditates a conversation. As Amunet and Goldface bicker, Barry burns the orchid to reveal their thoughts and both couples resolve.

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Barry soothes things over by asking Iris to be his official Valentine. They share a hug in front of the mirror, and as they do, the real iris is revealed as still trapped behind the mirror.




Frost lets herself into Team Citizen’s office and makes conversation with Allegra. She detects Allegra’s mild disinterest of Valentine’s Day and delves deeper to discover that she’s lonely. Further sleuthing determines that Allegra’s crush, Emerson, will be at Jitter’s the next day, so Frost promises to reunite the two. While at Jitters, Frost tells Allegra that landing a date is as easy as talking to someone. She coaxes Allegra into approaching Emerson, but his barista sits and is “extra” friendly. Visibly upset, Allegra storms out the building. 


Meanwhile, Frost turns to solo drinking because she feels that she is a screw up that doesn’t understand people. Nash-Wells joins and tells her to stay on course, continue the fight, and remain persistent. Frost takes Nash-Wells’ advice and follows up with Allegra. Allegra admits she ghosted Emerson in the past fearing rejection as a metahuman, but Frost motivates Allegra to try again.


Allegra meets Frost at Jitters to thank Frost for favorable results from her conversation with Emerson. Moments later, Nash-Wells arrives and learned that his insight paid off. As he turns to celebrate, he sees a glimpse of Harrison Wells paralyzing him with fear.


Final Wrap Up


Communication fuels this episode. Each conflict is solved with a simple conversation. Since we know the real Iris is trapped in the mirror, it’ll be interesting to see how she will communicate [that] with Barry. Be sure to tune in next week to Atlanta’s CW to see the latest developments.


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