Welcome to the tenth installment of the Flashback. This week’s theme loosely centers on the origins of heroism and new beginnings post-Crisis. SPOILER ALERT: Barry didn’t disappear/die during Crisis due to Oliver sacrificing his life instead and the multiverse no longer exists. 


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New Threats


Cisco explains to Frost how the timeline was rewritten for Superman, Supergirl and Black Lightning to [now] live on Earth-Prime. He’s freaking out because he knows the new creation will cause a surplus of new metas/villains. Nash-Wells, whom Cisco locked in a closet, enters to claim a crypto circuit, which he wants to use to ensure nobody reopens the antimatter universe. 


Terrorists spoil Jitter’s reopening looking to commit robbery. Due to being closed the last 5 months, they have very little cash on hand, so Barry rushes in and saves a couple of patrons from a falling ceiling fan and quickly rounds up the robbers.


Anonymous Source


Barry heads home to see Iris and coincidentally runs into Dig. He tells Barry that Oliver left his original mask for sentimental value, but Barry notices the mask (that hasn’t been worn in years) has a [new] blemish and questions its purpose. Iris gets a message from a “source,” so she departs to follow up, leaving dig and Barry to investigate on their own.


Iris meets with an anonymous source at a parking deck. He tells her about a guy that stole a prototype gun from the Research and Development department at McCulloch Technologies. He believes it was stolen and given to a mercenary organization named “Black Hole.” 


Iris returns to Team Citizen and details them on Black Hole. In summary, they conduct international arms deals and abduct and train metahumans. Cecile thinks running a story against them is a bad idea, but Iris shrugs away her warnings and leaves to meet her next lead.


Iris meets with Joesph at McCulloch Technologies to discuss the stolen rifle. He wants to speak somewhere more “private” and pulls Iris aside to assure her that the problem has been handled internally. Iris feels that McCulloch Tech has essentially done nothing preventative and runs a story against them. Her posting goes viral and garners 100,000 views in one hour. As they begin to celebrate, Cecile enters and user her feelings to save Iris from assassination. Iris suggests that Cecile, Camila and Allegra head to Star Labs while she goes to verify the safety of her source.


Camila and Allegra quickly make it to Star Labs to share a status update with Cisco, but he says they can’t breach (to Iris) because the multiverse ending has changed the dynamic of physics. Nash-Wells reenters and is immediately [and seriously] confronted by Cisco who feels Nash-Wells only works in exchange for favors. 


Iris makes it to her source. He tries to tell her that they were wrong about Black Hole’s purpose but is vaporized before he can express his sentiments. In a desperate attempt to free herself. Iris jumps in an SUV and almost runs over the shooter, yet in her final escaping moments, a few charged glass shards graze her arm. She returns to Star Labs and identifies the shooter in a booklet. She also hopes to explore a flash drive she recovered, but it was destroyed. Camila notices the wound on Iris’ arm moments before she faints.


Joseph dispatches his hitwoman to attack Iris again. She positions herself within Joe’s house and takes a shot at Iris once inside. YET AGAIN, Team Flash pulls a hologram trick and corners the hitwoman. She feigns turning herself in, then attacks Joe and Frost. Meanwhile, Iris approaches Joseph to reveal the knowledge she’s gathered on his operation and the true reason the gun was stolen, so Joseph calls off his hitwoman. 

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Marked Mask


Barry runs analysis and determines that sediment traces on the mask originate from ONE island in the North China Sea. A substance known as Mirakuru – a high voltage serum – poses a threat so Barry snatches Dig and runs the distance equivalent to a 20-hour flight.


Barry and Dig head to the island but don’t find any traces of Mirakuru. In a bit of frustration, Barry’s hand charges with speed before quickly calming. Dig offers an alternative explanation for the Mirakuru on the mask and tells Barry that mask likely encountered the substance on a mission in the past. Realizing the mark was a message, they reflect on the life and legacy of Oliver.


New Beginnings


At Camila’s request, Caitlin checks on Cisco at Star Labs. He’s become obsessed with new threats because he feels he did nothing to stop their creation. Caitlin tells him she feels that he should be the person who compiles a catalog of all new threats, which insinuates he [may] spend time away from Central City.


Joe approaches Iris to understand the logic behind running the extremely dangerous story. He reminds her that Rome wasn’t built in a day and since Crisis didn’t “take” Barry they have time to move more strategically


Cisco tells Nash-Wells that he’s leaving to investigate the new threats of Earth-Prime and asks Nash-Wells to run the helm at Star Labs in his absence.


Barry and Iris reconvene at home and discuss the sentiments of Oliver’s mask and death. They vow an oath to “slow down” and try to process things in the moment, instead of operating like they are trying to avoid Crisis.


Later that night Iris awakens for water and remembers the dying words of her informant – “Mirror!” – and recalls visiting room AV3. Reflected in a mirror AV3 spells “Eva” (McCulloch’s founder) so Iris heads back to McCulloch for investigating. While there she discovers a large mirror and is pulled in by a set of metallic hands. 


With Iris essentially kidnapped, what will be Team Flash’s next move? Be sure to tune in next week to Atlanta’s CW to see the latest developments


-Taylor Gibson 

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