The mid-season finale of Batwoman opens with Batwoman defeating one of Alice’s goons and taking his :vintage” jacket. Using the phone in the jacket, Luke is able to track Alice’s location and Kate finds Alice there. Alice reveals that it was she, who helped Kate survive during the attack from The Rifle.


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Jacob is attacked and kidnapped on his way home by Alice’s goons. He wakes to find himself chained to the ceiling with Alice questioning him about believing Catherine regarding her death. Jacob owns up to his mistake with Alice proceeding to tell him about her mad tea party of which someone will die.


Kate is invited to a gala to honor Catherine by Mary, but Kate refuses to attend. Mary lets her know that Jacob is attending. Kate goes to see Jacob, or rather Mouse as Jacob, and Jacob states that everything is okay between him and Catherine and that he understands why Catherine did what she did. This upsets Kate. Kate deduces this is not really Jacob and calls him to test if he really is him by telling him an untrue story about him and Catherine’s wedding. Kate argues with Alice that there is still good in her and Alice reveals Jacob’s location.


Mary, Catherine, and Mouse as Jacob attend the gala. Luke watches them and confirms that Mouse is impersonating Jacob and that the Crows on duty are actually Alice’s goons. As Catherine accepts her award, the teleprompter changes to words written by Alice beginning with if “she doesn’t read, she will die.” Catherine speaks Alice’s words, exposing her and Jacob as frauds. Catherine passes out and Mary calls 911. Alice and “her” Crows trap everyone inside. Alice tells Mary that she poisoned Catherine and offers an antidote if Catherine genuinely apologizes to her. Catherine does and Alice gives her the antidote, but then Mary starts showing the same symptoms as Catherine. Alice can’t believe they both drank the champagne containing the poison and tells them to choose wisely who will drink the antidote. Catherine gets Mary to take the antidote.

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Kate confronts Alice in the hallway, demanding to know where their father is. Alice tells her of how she poisoned Catherine and Kate begins to choke her, until Mouse as Jacob knocks her down. Catherine, still alive, informs Mary that she knew of her clinic and that nothing made her prouder than raising her. Catherine then passes away. Jacob wakes up in his car and calls Kate. Kate asks him a private question to test if it’s really him and he answers correctly. Just as Kate begins to tell Jacob about the gala, Crows and the GCPD arrest him.


Catherine’s death becomes public knowledge. Kate visits Mary to comfort her, but Mary refuses it, asks Kate if Alice is worth it, and walks out. Kate destroys a photo of her and Alice and visits Jacob in prison where she informs Jacob she hates Alice and will not interfere with him taking her down.


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–Todd Watson