Welcome to the sixth installment of the Flashback. This week’s theme largely centers around embracing your true identity and having the courage to do so boldly. With that being said, let us get into it.
Finesse / The Man and the Hero
Barry meets with Joe at CCPD to discuss holding a press conference informing Central City that he will pass the torch to Elongated Man as the city’s sole protector. In the midst of their discussion, Ralph comes strolling in, so Joe deflects by giving him a lead on his missing person case and Barry decides to tag along. Donning tuxedos and acting as billionaires, they head to a gala event to gather information. Ralph tries to charm a pretty lady into telling him who is hosting the event, but Barry can’t follow suit and blows their cover. Luckily Ralph’s sleight of hand steals a VIP ticket.
Once in the VIP suite, Barry and Ralph sit at an open table. Ironically, this table belongs to the host, Meister, and he challenges them to a game of dominoes. They ask him about Sue Deerbond, but he says he hasn’t seen her in six months. Yet again, Barry fumbles and Meister determines they were uninvited so he puts his staff on high alert. Barry feels they’ve hit a dead-end and wants to leave, but Ralph informs him the gala is full of criminals and believes they can find a lead if they “finesse” and keep snooping without using their powers.
Ralph Sneaks into the security chambers and knocks a guard unconscious. While searching through files on their server, he opens a “Ring of Fire” Simulation that depicts bombing Washington D.C. He copies the files and prepares to leave but Meister shocks him with an electrical form of brass knuckles. Meanwhile, Barry opts against Ralph’s advice and speed searches the premises and determines that Sue isn’t present. In a fashion similar to what happened to Ralph, Ultraviolet shocks Barry from behind.
Much to Ralph’s dismay, Meister tells them that it was Barry’s use of speed that alerted his detectors, ultimately leading to their capture. He plans to destroy Central City AND kill them with a laser cannon. Faced with death, Barry tells Ralph of his intentions to name Elongated Man as the city’s protector. Ralph is honored that Barry feels Elongated man can protect the city, but he reminds Barry that sometimes the person you truly are (Barry Allen) is just as important as [Flash} the hero. Once they clear the air of all the emotional talk. Ralph instructs Barry to grab his cuff-link and fling it at the laser cannon. Initially, this disables the cannon, but then it reactivates and starts randomly blasting the room. Barry notices the cannon’s shooting pattern and uses it to break their cuffs.
Barry and Ralph quickly determine using their true identities is the best way to stop Meister. Meanwhile, Meister begins exhibiting the Ring of Fire’s capabilities. Auctioning begins, and Barry drunkenly stumbles onto the stage faking like he’s looking for the bathroom. While Barry distracts Meister, Ralph sneaks and disables the simulators destructive protocol.
Who Am I?
Chester excitedly awakens from his recuperative state to explore Star Labs. After fidgeting with gadgets, he googles searches his name and [surprisingly] finds his obituary. Frost tells him that he’s “technically dead,” so Cecile helps Chester reinstate his identity and [furthermore] offers to help Chester land a date with his crush, Natalie. After a little research, Cecile discovers that Natalie works for Jitters’ delivery service and places an order to lure her to the office in hopes of reading her emotions for Chester. Natalie arrives, but Cecile misleads Chester through a disastrous meeting.
In the fallout of the failed courting attempt, Cecile confesses that she used Chester as a distraction from her own feelings. She explains that she is having an identity crisis because she can’t return to her old job if her meta attorney endeavors fail. They resolve the conflict by agreeing to trust themselves and pursue their goals.
Light the Way
Nash-Wells leads team Flash into the sewers because he believes he’s found where the Monitor hides. Barry tries to phase through a wall supposedly leading to a portal but is denied and flung to the ground. To get through, Nash-Wells says he needs an artifact that will highlight the weak points of the rock barrier.
Allegra (Iris’ intern in case you’ve forgotten) finds Nash-Wells rummaging through their office in search of ultraviolet rays. His detector pinpoints Allegra as a source, so he requests her help in exchange for a promising lead. She agrees, so Nash-Wells leads her to the sewers. As they journey and discuss multiversal theories, Nash-Wells reveals his goal of killing the Monitor. Upon learning her role in Nash-Wells’ plan, Allegra isn’t comfortable with assisting murder and cancels their deal.
Allegra returns and Nash-Wells has an inkling that the [true] reason she doesn’t want to use her power stems from fear of becoming like her cousin, Esperanza/Ultraviolet. He tells her that she has the choice to decide who she will be and persuades her to illuminate the rocks.
Final Wrap up – Embracing the New Me
As intended, the Flash hosts a press conference introducing Elongated Man as an official protector. Elongated Man takes an oath to protect the city with his life then [unexpectedly] calls Barry to the podium and awards a medal of honor. Although it’s a grand act to receive public gratitude, Ralph ultimately did this to reinforce his beliefs that not all heroes wear capes.
Cecile asks if Chester secured a date with Natalie. Natalie declined, but Chester is thrilled he overcame his fear and embraced himself. He notices Cecile has newly printed business cards, so she explains that she [also] has chosen to embrace her new career goals and thanks him for encouragement.
Lastly, Ralph swung by the Citizen to give Iris information of Ultraviolet’s appearance and a photo he snapped while at the gala. Iris departs to investigate the lead and leaves Ralph alone on the balcony. Covered by the darkness of night, Ramsey makes his way to the top of the building and tackles Ralph off the rooftop
Barry, Ralph, Cecile, and Allegra all had moments where they had to dig deep and embrace their identity and ambitions. I’m noticing the Flash has quietly developed a concept of duality, and I have a suspicion that it will take both Barry and the Flash to avert Crisis. Be sure to tune in next week to Atlanta’s CW to see if this theory has any merit.
–Taylor Gibson