This week’s episode opens with Batwoman apprehending a sniper named “The Rifle,” who escapes due to Sophie stopping Kate in the street. Sophie threatens Kate with an ultimatum: either Kate reveals that she is Batwoman to her father, or she will. Back at the Batcave, Luke reveals to Kate that Jacob and Catherine are filing for divorce and that all of The Rifle’s targets have been employees of Catherine’s company.

Batwoman tracks and attempts to apprehend The Rifle again, but instead ends up in a brawl with an unknown fighter. Through fighting one another, they recognize the identity of the other with the unknown fighter turning out to be Alfred’s daughter, Julia Pennyworth. Kate and Julia are then seen in the Batcave, explaining to Luke how they know one another. After Kate was kicked out of the military academy, Bruce sent Julia to check up on her. Julia informed Kate that she was a teacher and the two became very close, engaging in a romantic fling. Upon learning the truth, Kate believed Julia’s intentions were fake and thus, no more relationship.

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Later, Sophie reveals to Kate that the only reason she did not stand by their relationship back at the military academy is because Kate’s father threatened her with expulsion. Sophie then finally tells her husband of her and Kate’s past romantic history and he angrily walks off. Staying on the beat of truth-telling, Sophie also tells Jacob that Kate is Batwoman.

Ironically, Kate is then seen coming up with a plan to ensure Sophie does not reveal that she is Batwoman and as she, Luke, and Julia are entering into the Batcave through a secret door in Wayne Enterprises, Mary just waltzes in. Fortunately for them, Mary forgets seeing the secret door a minute later. Turns out, Kate’s plan is for Julia to don the Batwoman costume to convince Sophie that Kate is not Batwoman by the two being in the same place at the same time in front of Sophie. Julia, now wearing the Batsuit, encounters Sophie, who has a heart-to-heart with her with Kate standing nearby. Julia is then shot and apprehended by The Crows. Kate heads after them and is able to rescue Julia. Julia then leaves after The Rifle as her agency informs her he has gone overseas, but not before apologizing to Kate for lying to her.

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Mouse is then revealed to having been disguised as Jacob the entire episode.


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–Todd Watson