Batwoman begins with Gotham’s District Attorney being electrocuted to death by a masked villain, later revealed as The Executioner. Kate, Jacob and The Crows are made aware of it with Jacob becoming unhappy that it was Batwoman who was called to stop it instead of The Crows.

Luke informs Kate that it was the now-deceased District Attorney who had his father’s killer locked up. Kate and Luke, as well as The Crows separately investigate potential leads and are lead to a criminal by the name of The Fist. Both are then immediately alerted to a crime taking place, wherein someone impersonating The Executioner is holding people hostage. Batwoman and The Crows arrive at the scene and are met with remote-controlled automatic weapons as the hostage situation was staged with recorded voices of The Executioner and the “hostages” playing through an amplifier. As Batwoman is saving Sophie, Sophie is shot, passing out, but not before whispering “Thanks…Kate” for saving her. Batwoman brings Sophie to Mary’s clinic for medical attention.

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Meanwhile, Alice kicks off the next phase of her plan. She gives Mouse a new face, belonging to Dean Devro, who works for Hamilton. Dean is the mean who assisted with the creation of the weapon that can pierce Batwoman’s suit. Using Dean Devro’s face, Mouse breaks into Hamilton and is embraced by Catherine as she believes him to be Dean. He is congratulated for having created a weapon that can pierce Batwoman’s suit and walks out with the weapon.

Back in the Batcave, Kate discovers a pattern to The Executioner’s killing: he’s using different forms of capital punishment and from performing a quick search, it is discovered Gotham has used three different methods in the past. They believe the next attack will be poison gas-based. Kate tracks down the only warehouse in Gotham that houses the gas and deals with a very flirtatious security guard upon arriving. She hears from Luke that The Crows have captured The Fist and she begins to think she has lost her chance to prove to Jacob Batwoman’s worth. This thought soon leaves her mind as The Executioner crashes through the warehouse door, hitting Batwoman in the process and escaping with the poison.

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From the dent in Batwoman’s suit, Luke is able to track the license plate of the vehicle and discovers it’s registered to non-other than Blackgate’s previous executioner. Batwoman visits his home and finds a poison gas canister sitting on a table. She grabs it and finds a USB stick inside instead of poison. In playing the video on the USB stick, she sees The Executioner detailing why he has committed the violent acts he has and states that three city officials were trying to close cases, targeting the “black, brown, and poor” people of Gotham. Now, The Executioner is getting revenge on the city officials for making him kill innocent people.

Batwoman arrives just in time to rescue The Fist as the Crows attempt to bring him in. She then sends the video she found of The Executioner to Jacob, who does not believe The Executioner’s confession to be true. He argues that the city does not need costumed vigilantes. Batwoman then shows up at the judge’s chambers to find the judge burning all of the evidence. The Executioner arrives, attacking Batwoman on sight. Jacob shows up and shoots The Executioner. Jacob then sets his sights on Batwoman, but his arrest attempt proves futile as The Executioner’s gas attack goes off. Batwoman, with Luke’s expertise, saves both The Executioner and Jacob by igniting the hydrogen and burning the poisonous gas.

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Kate is then later seen blaming herself for not being able to save Beth. Sophie considers telling Jacob that Kate is Batwoman, but decides against it upon seeing she and Jacob having a heart-to-heart. Mouse is then seen handing the weapon over to Alice.