Welcome to the fifth installment of the Flashback. Much of this episode is themed so heavily around faith that it [almost] becomes cheesy. Nevertheless, let’s trust fall into this recap and see what miracles faith can work for us.

What Would Barry Do

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Episode 5 opens with Cisco spinning a monologue about the difficulties associated with putting [your] faith in the truth, and reminds us that sometimes the only trustworthy person is ourselves.

12 hours prior, Barry and Iris agree to a much-needed vacation of Mai-Tai’s in Tahiti. Cisco eagerly claims his role as Team Leader and assures that nothing will go wrong because he has the help of a new assistant: the B.A.R.I. (Barry Allen Replicated Intelligence) – a decision making algorithm that analyzes Barry’s past choices to generate real-time decisions.

Psychotic Breach

Camilla and Cisco turn in for a night of rest. As Cisco falls asleep, he has a nightmare that nearly makes him cut his hair. Camila reveals that sleepwalking has become his norm and she believes he needs more rest. He almost drops the “L-bomb” (love) on her while saying goodnight. Breacher – yes, Gypsy’s dad – cuts in and tells Cisco that Gypsy died while tracking a high-level hacker named Echo. With Vibes’ help, he wants to avenge her murder, but Cisco has no powers. In learning this, Breacher warns of Breach Psychosis–side-effects suffered after power suppression.


Cisco poorly attempts to confess his love as he and Camila arrive at Gypsy’s crime scene. After seeing the aftermath firsthand, Camila comforts Cisco through a brief moment of mourning before remembering he wanted to express something. Agent Zeal buzzkills love confession attempt #2 by bragging about his new promotion. Cisco feels something is awry, so he has Camila track the weapon’s signature while he and BARI devise a plan that should allow [a reluctant] Breacher to see how Gypsy died. The simulation depicts a Cicso in psycho killer mode, which sends Breacher into a rampage. Breacher menacingly tells Cisco to turn himself in, or that he will kill him.

Much to Camila’s dismay, Cisco doubts his ability to lead Team Flash and contemplates turning himself in. She maintains faith in his innocence and leadership, so she tells him to sort through the voices in his head and rediscover himself. As a result, he determines his sleep aid has been hacked to stimulate chaotic energy–which brings us full circle to the opening moments of Cisco’s arrest. Agent Zeal steps forward to arrest Cisco but tries to place cuffs on a holograph, a ruse that causes Zeal to drop his secure network and enable Cisco to track Echo’s escape. In summary, Echo is a multiverse identity thief that used Cisco’s likeness to manipulate Gypsy’s emotional ability to track him–definitely check out the scene of Cisco fighting his doppelganger.

Cisco ultimately proves his innocence and regains Breacher’s trust. While accepting Breacher’s invite to Gypsy’s memorial, Cisco clumsily stumbles into his confession of love. Camila admits she feels the same as they kiss.

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Faith in the People Around You: Part 1

Joe has been keeping tabs on Nash-Wells, so he follows him into the sewers. As he tries to explain why he’s digging holes, Joe mistakenly reacts to a nonviolent move that causes the sewer tunnel to collapse. The two bicker about whose resources will get them free faster and cause a fireblast which leaves them forty-two minutes of oxygen.

Nash-Wells exhausts himself with physical escape attempts while Joe kicks back and tells him a story about when his neighbors delivered cooked food in a time of need. Their acts of kindness restored his faith in people. Joe reinforces this idea by telling Nash-Wells that faith is the only way he’s been able to deal with Barry’s impending death. Ralph slides through the wreckage and ushers them to safety. Once back at Star Lab’s Nash-Wells confidently declares he knows how to save Barry.

Faith in the People Around You: Part 2

Snakeye – most likely remembered as Amunet’s henchman – requests Frosts’ help with some of Ramsey’s gooey remains. Frost feels Ramsey needs faith in someone he can trust, so she sends Caitlin to speak with him. Ramsey says he’s reached immortality and extends an invitation to the dark side. Caitlin declines and tries to restore his faith, but he retreats and threatens that next time there’s only one option.

Wrapping Things Up

Barry and Iris return from their speedy baecation and give their condolences for Gypsy’s death. These moments offer Cisco the closure he needs to acknowledge Gypsy’s influence in growing him into a better man. For Cisco to truly lead Team Flash, he will need to rely more heavily on his discernment; not the help of Barry or artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, Chester’s – the black hole meister from Episode 1 – health has improved to 87% and his expertise may become an asset. All in all, we’re in a place where something major will happen soon. Does Nash-Wells have a plausible theory to save Barry? How long before Ramsey comes looking for Caitlin? For answers to this plus more, be sure to tune in next Tuesday to Atlanta’s CW for the latest developments!


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-Taylor Gibson