Batwoman opens with Alice being caught on camera stealing human flesh from a morgue. Luke presents evidence to Kate indicating that Alice is the culprit, but Kate can’t bring herself to believe it’s Alice. Using the tracker she placed in Dodgson’s neck when she held him captive, Kate is able to track him and Alice down. After fending off Dodgson and Alice’s goons, Batwoman cuffs Alice and takes her away for questioning.

Kate questions Alice about “Mouse” and warns her that things will end badly if she continues down the path she is own. Alice reveals that it was Mouse who found her after their crash when they were kids and that she’ll show Kate rather than just telling her what happened. Kate believing that Alice is stalling, calls her father Jacob to inform him that she is with Alice knowing Jacob will trace the call and come to their location. With little time before Jacob is able to track their location, Alice and Kate embark on a road trip.

In a flashback, Beth awakes after the car accident confused, in a home belonging to a father and son who state they found her while fishing and that they’ll help her by calling the police to get her home.

Back in the present time, Kate and Alice arrive at a diner where Alice shares the rest of her story. As Kate is becoming more frustrated, Alice delves back into her past to continue the story. The kid’s name is Johnny, which we later find out is Mouse. Johnny has a disfigured face which he hides, but Beth comforts him and they end up becoming friends. Beth sees a news segment stating her family is still searching for her. Beth, figuring out the father lied, questions him and is locked up in a basement. It’s here in the basement Alice finds a face-skin in the sink that the father had been creating for his son.

Kate passes out in the middle of the story from a spiked beer, courtesy of Alice. She proceeds to take Kate to the home in which she was held captive as a child. Alice reveals that after weeks and weeks of captivity, she was able to escape the basement and make a call to their father, before being thrown back into the basement behind another door by the father. Kate remembers she and their father had the call traced and arrived at the house within the hour of the call. Johnny’s father convinces Jacob that it was his son playing a prank call by having his son mimic Beth’s voice, much to Jacob’s disbelief. Meanwhile, Kate is seen walking down the basement. She places her hand on the door that Beth is behind and calls out to Beth, but Beth doesn’t answer. Alice reveals that if she had made a peep, the father would have killed both Kate and Jacob. Alice is emotional and distraught because she feels Kate should have been able to sense that she was behind that door.

Jacob and Sophie arrive, splitting up to search for Kate and Alice. Jacob discovers Alice, demanding to know where Kate is and if she is ok. Alice cries out to Jacob yelling that he is only concerned with Kate and that he didn’t believe it was her who called all those years ago. Jacob calls Alice Beth, much to Alice’s surprise, and in that touching moment Alice stabs him much to her satisfaction. Meanwhile, Sophie is ambushed by none other than Mouse. Kate frees herself and captures Mouse, appearing before Alice with a gun on him. The climactic showdown ends with Kate freeing Mouse and Alice freeing Jacob in an exchange.

Kate blames herself. She thought if she let Alice tell her story she would understand, but she doesn’t. The episode ends with Alice giving her “dear brother” Mouse skin, presumably for his face.


–Todd Watson


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