Welcome back to the fourth installment of the Flashback. In the grand scheme of things, not much happens in this episode, so let’s get through a quick recap. 


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Loss of strength causes Ramsey to stumble into a hospital lab and knock things over. In desperate need of a recharge, he breaks into a refrigerator storing blood. At the crime scene the next day, Joe tells Barry that 10 liters of blood were stolen and entrusts him to take over of the investigation.


A permanent cure isn’t possible if Ramsey doesn’t secure more blood, so in the meantime, he stretches his current inventory by mixing Ramero’s blood. Ramsey continues running bloodwork and injects himself with what he believes to be the latest HLH cure. The injection site spreads until it controls Ramsey’s arm.


While testing, Ramsey recalls a time when his mother was alive and told him that her condition was terminal. Frustration arises as it appears his research misses a key element, so Barry approaches Ramsey to tell him he believes the serum can cure his cancer. In his initial tests, the serum begins working, but eventually, cancer overwhelms the healthy cells, so Ramsey determines he needs adrenaline and blood from someone afraid to die.


An alarm from Central City General dispatches Barry and Frost to find a dark-eyed Ramsey siphoning blood from people. He tells Barry the serum failed and rants about how he’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive. Therefore, Ramsey summons people to fight Frost and Barry while he siphons another person’s blood and absconds to safety.


Tough Decisions 


Remember Barry told team Flash the truth about dying. Cisco asks Barry if he’s okay with the ultimate timeline, but he refuses to accept that they can’t save Barry and feels they should be more proactive. Instead of focusing on himself, Barry tells Cisco they should focus on saving Ramsey. Initially, Cisco is against the uphill task, but Barry ultimately persuades him. 


Nash-Wells arrives and offers his help in exchange for some much-needed tech. He leads Barry and Cisco to McColloch Technologies aiming to claim a serum that replaces compromised cells with healthy ones. Guards confront them, so Nash-Wells drops a device that disorients security while Cisco leaves a device on the wall. When they find their objective, Cisco’s wall monitor blares, so Barry and Nash-Wells return to investigate. While they’re gone, Cisco swipes the serum and acts as if the product has been stolen.

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Barry asks Cisco if he thinks something is awry with Wells, but notices Cisco’s evasive behavior and a freezer [coincidentally] set to the same temperature as the vault Cisco stole from. Cisco confirms it is the serum and tells Barry he’s going to have to fight him because he is less than thrilled about saving Ramsey while knowing that his best friend will die. 


Cisco gives Wells the Crypto-Circuit and he departs. After he leaves, Frost asks Cisco if he’s ready for life post-Crisis. He tells her he doesn’t believe he should stop trying, and Frost advises him to avoid saving somebody who doesn’t want to be saved.


Lost Cause


As a “Halloween treat,” Iris brings Ralph a lead on his missing persons case. Ralph seems ungrateful/disinterested, so Iris dismisses herself. Later that day, Iris asks Ralph if he’s had any developments on the lead. Ralph seems triggered by Iris’s request and tells her that she should spend time with her husband “while he’s alive. 


Joe visits Ralph and learns that Ralph’s disinterest stems from the inability to save Barry. so Joe tells Ralph that saving one life is better than not saving one at all. Iris approaches Ralph, who apologizes for being a jerk, and has decided to investigate her lead.


In the aftermath with Ramsey at the hospital, Barry is greatly saddened that many innocent lives were lost and vows to thwart Ramsey. Cecile wants to leave, but her intuition senses that Joe desires to speak with Barry. They discuss future ramifications, and Joe tearfully tells Barry that his heroism isn’t properly rewarded.


The episode ends with Nash-Wells’ scanner leading him to a tunnel where a digital form of the Monitor has been hiding. It appears Nash-Wells will play a prominent role in interpreting the Monitor and the messages he sends. On another note, we are more aware of Ramsey’s abilities and the root of his demise. Will Team Flash stop him? For answers to this plus more, be sure to tune in next Tuesday to Atlanta’s CW for the latest developments!


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–Taylor Gibson