Batwoman opens with Gotham having been hit with a slew of jewelry robberies by villain Magpie, due to Kate spending time away from being Batwoman and with new girlfriend Reagan.

Kate is struggling with keeping her secret identity as Batwoman as she has been out and proud since she was a child. Because of this, keeping her secret identity from everyone goes against everything she is. This ruins her relationship with Reagan later in the episode as she comes up with pitiful excuses every time she needs to ditch Reagan.

Kate learns from Luke that Magpie has struck again and that Alice’s boyfriend is dying, who is being held hostage by Batwoman in the Batcave. As Batwoman, she takes him to Mary’s clinic in hopes of saving him so that he can be questioned later. Mary does indeed save him, but instead of calling Batwoman when he comes to, she takes advantage of a morphine haze he is in by pretending to be Alice. In doing so, she obtains that Alice is after someone, or something named Mouse.

Meanwhile, Catherine is seen digging up Beth’s body from a graveyard. Alice confronts her and makes a proposal. Either Catherine delivers a top-secret weapon being developed by Hamilton to her by 10 pm the next day or she will tell Jacob that Catherine faked Beth’s death. It’s later seen Catherine refused to deliver the weapon and instead tells Jacob the truth concerning Beth’s death.

Fast forward to a jewelry store where Batwoman thwarts Magpie from stealing another piece of jewelry. Magpie, in return, then later breaks into Wayne Enterprise and steals Martha’s necklace, which was to be the centerpiece of an exhibition. Using the explosive ink left behind, Luke is able to trace and track down Magpie’s hideout. Batwoman explores the hideout and finds all of the jewelry Magpie has stolen. Batwoman sneezes in the temperature-controlled room she is in causing it to explode, but not before narrowly escaping with a copy of Magpie’s computer hard-drive. From the hard-drive, Luke discovers that Magpie made a 3D-printed, explosive replica of Martha’s necklace and sent it to the exhibition in place of the real one.

Kate heads to the exhibition and after storing her Batwoman suit, meets up with Reagan, whom she invited to make up for ditching her earlier. After an awkward run-in with Sophie, Kate must ditch Reagan once again to thwart Magpie’s scheme. She stops Magpie along with preventing anyone from being injured from the exploding replica necklace, leading to Magpie’s arrest. Kate then returns to Reagan where she explains she is not in a place where she can share all of herself. Reagan wishes her the best and departs. Hopefully, this isn’t the end for Reagan. I enjoyed seeing the jealous look on Sophie’s face.

Kate returns to Mary’s clinic as Batwoman and learns that Alice is looking for Mouse. Before leaving, she injects Alice’s boyfriend with a tracking device with the hope of getting a lead. The episode ends with Kate taking a cue from Bruce. She decides to focus her time when she is not Batwoman on Gotham. She plans to start a real estate firm to buy rundown properties, renovating them and renting them out for cheap for the poor. Kate informs Bruce that to embrace the Bat, she has to hide a part of herself and that the city is worth it.


-Todd Watson


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