Thank you for returning to the weekly installment of what will now be called *drumroll please* the Flashback. We need to cover lots of material, so I’m delivering this particular recap in a stream of consciousness form to maintain continuity.

Glimpse into the Future

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Barry recalls the shock associated with learning the “Flash vanishes during Crisis,” but the pain grew into a fear that he will be tirelessly searching for a way back to Iris. She comforts him saying that if the article is still changing, then they should have the power to change the future and should take action immediately. As a result, Barry tries to run to the future and see Crisis himself, but a substance called “antimatter” blocks his path and deeply gashes his leg.


Earth-3 expert, Jay Garrick (the father-like version of the Flash) agrees and offers help. He theorizes that it may possible to send a person’s consciousness through antimatter. Jay’s wife enters and notices her appearance rattles Barry, but Jay returns with the transmitter (a tin version of his signature, retro Flash Cap) and allows Barry to glimpse into the future. Barry sees pandemonium as a large wave sweeps through Central City dissolving everyone in its path including, Killer Frost, Ralph, Iris, and dare I not say–Vibe! Barry then breaks past the antimatter barrier into infinite timelines where he too dissolves. Nearing the brink of destruction, Jay snatches Barry out of the wave transmitter and his wife revives Barry with smooth poetry. He sustained debilitating pain that would last up to two days. Barry tearfully tells them about the billions of possible futures and deaths before begging to go home.


Jay’s wife [also] notices Iris’ long stare and learns that she looks like Barry’s mother. Jay warns that although Barry may physically recover, Iris should monitor his mental health. Barry is convinced that The Monitor’s claims of death are true and must be accepted. This deeply saddens Iris because Barry already seems defeated and has stopped “running” for solutions, so Joe swings by and tells him an anecdotal story that relays the idea of resiliency.


Ultraviolet – Wave Transmission

Joe briefs Cecile on a metahuman case against Allegra Garcia, who can control radio waves like a key fob. She’s accused of attempted murder, so Cecile seeks the maximum penalty. Allegra agrees to a 15-year plea deal, but Cecile’s intuition feels that Allegra may be innocent and seeks a lighter sentencing. Cecile details Iris and Camila on the night of the particle accelerator and how Allegra got her powers at 15 years old. Cecile firmly believes her intuition is correct and Ralph [somewhat] confirms her feelings with forensic information, so Ralph and Iris leave to question an eye witness. Upon arriving, his home shows signs of forced entry. Ralph tries to stop Allegra, but she blasts him with a wave of instant sunburn that scalds his skin. She attempts to run, but Joe appears and apprehends her with meta cuffs.

It’s determined that Allegra can control ALL types of wavelength. Joe interrogates Allegra, and highlights how her troubled past and location near the witness points to a guilty verdict. She maintains her innocence and demands her lawyer, so Cecile and Joe quickly discuss the ramifications of Cecile’s decision to free Allegra, and he reminds her of role on the force.

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Cecile begs for and earns Allegra’s trust by admitting she is a metahuman. It turns out, Allegra has a cousin with a matching tattoo, who also was exposed to the particle accelerator, but its believed that she died. Ralph confirms that Allegra didn’t die that night, so guess who pulls up at CCPD looking to shut it all down? Her cousin, Esperanza – yup you guessed it, and she did it one of the most hype scenes in the show’s history. Shoutout to the visual/audio effects as Ultraviolet’s vengeance forces Barry back into action early. He’s not quite up to par, so Gideon informs us that Ultraviolet’s overwhelming waves move 80x faster than Barry’s top speed. Since, he can’t run from her, it takes recalling Joe’s message of resilience that motivates Barry to win the fight.

Pictures Worth 1000 Words.

Cisco develops a serum that allows Killer Frost to suppress her meta voice and frosty eyes so they can meet Camila at an art show. Killer Frost isn’t thrilled about the exhibitions and generally calls the artistic pieces–garbage! She eventually insults Camilla’s art as well, which makes Camila not want Caitlin’s other half around. Later on, Killer Frost allows a couple of distractions to keep her from monitoring Chester and draws Cisco clear disapproval, but the quarrel drastically deescalates with a “Vincent Van Snow” pun when Cisco sees Killer Frost drawing a picture of adolescent value. He quickly realizes that her inability to express herself through her art is the reason for her insulting everyone else’s.

Wrapping Things Up

All’s well that ends well, right? Allegra is ultimately proved innocent, which leads Cecile to realize she isn’t fulfilling her obligations as District Attorney; she instead converts to a metahuman defense attorney and pulls strings for Allegra to intern with Iris. Barry’s returning health allows Jay and his wife return home, so Barry and Iris reconcile their differing opinions of Barry’s failed hope and prepares to warn Team Flash about Crisis.

Lastly (which is ironic because it’s a segment that opened the show), Ramsey meets with [another] arms dealer who forces an increased price. Ramsey doesn’t have the full amount and the dealer draws a gun to shoot him, but in a panic, Ramsey’s arm turns into a darkly colored, leech-like wave. Not much more is gleaned from this scene until the very end of the episode where we see Ramsey running more tests in a dark lab. He’s studying the arms dealer whom he wounded earlier. As Ramsey turns away to record test results, the victim awakens and whacks Ramsey over the head.

Final Wrap Up

Up to this point, Ramsey has developed in lackluster fashion. It’s evident his shadowy persona will become problematic, but ultimately we’re pretty clueless as to how. On another note, Team Flash is on the verge of receiving major bad news. What role will Ramsey play, and how will Team Flash begin strategizing for Crisis? Be sure to tune in next Tuesday to Atlanta CW for the latest developments!


-Taylor Gibson

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