Welcome back for Season 6 of The Flash recaps!

While I’m pleased to write these recaps, its rumored this will be the final season of The Flash 😔. So with that, let’s appreciate what may be the final heroic acts and hit the ground running – now that we got the cheesy “run” pun out of the way, shall we proceed?

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Getting Up to Speed

  1. A system-wide power surge causes Star Labs’ alarm to sound off. Barry and Iris determine the source is in the time vault. Upon entering, they notice Nora’s final farewell playing in the background before a sudden spark corrupts and fries the file.

Flash forward to 4 months later.

Cisco mans the helm of Star Labs using the computer to track Godspeed, whom Cisco calls a fake speedster. He zooms around the city, so Barry gives chase. Mere minutes of the episode have passed and we are greeted with the awesome special effects we dearly love. Barry and Godspeed zoom across a beautiful city skyline until it culminates with Barry running up a building and pulling a U-turn to tackle the Godspeed. After apprehending him, the villain groans a glitchy sound instead of any audible language.

Everyone gathers at the West household where food, good vibes, drinks, jokes and laughter fill the atmosphere. While at the table, Barry asks, “how’s the mac coming?” This excites Camila who cheerfully hopes for mac and cheese. Instead, Barry refers to the M.A.C (mental augmentation chamber) which allows them to scan the speed force and see all possible outcomes. Essentially it gives additional data and helps capture villains faster. Barry wants to improve speed thinking’s impact, so Cisco playfully uses the excuse of protecting his work-life balance to continue enjoying beer.

Joe asks if Barry and Iris have coped with the loss of Nora. They respond saying that their loss is temporary, and Iris asks about some boxes in the garage. Joe absentmindedly threw them away (foreshadow alert). A ping hits Barry’s phone, so he rushes away to handle breaking and entering. Mostly everybody splits ways so Caitlin leaves to support her friend, Ramsey Rosso, at a funeral. During conversation, Ramsey grabs Caitlin’s hands and almost causes her to transform into Killer Frost. He notices her cold hands, but she downplays it, so he asks her on a coffee date.

Black Hole

Iris goes to the junkyard and a shift manages helps her track where Joe’s “trash” may have ended up. She quickly finds a container containing her Jacket worn by Nora. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking, a portal opens and the jacket is inhaled. While working with CCPD the next day, Barry questions Iris (as a witness) as to why she was at the scene. She deflects by saying she followed a lead on junkyard robberies and that “not everything that’s here is garbage.” Ironically enough, Cisco provides his usual comedic relief by kicking around trash and angrily exclaiming that “everything here is garbage,” as he determines that the portal was a black hole.

Barry eagerly wants to study black hole data, but Cisco isn’t feeling up to it. Ralph makes a suave, James Bond-like entry from a missing persons case, so the team brings him up to speed. As they begin researching, Caitlin nearly frost blasts a keyboard, so the team tells her maybe she should relax over coffee with Ramsey.

Looking for Leads

Joe, Cecile and iris rummage through boxed files at CCPD, but an article where “Flash and XS Defeat Cicada” saddens Iris. Cecile notices her lack of spirit, but Iris dismisses it as the side effects of almost disappearing into a black hole.

Caitlin meets Ramsey at Jitters. A lighthearted conversation takes a morbidly dark turn when Ramsey calls his [late] mother a coward. Although he’s upset with the fact that she didn’t fight cancer, he took it upon himself to find a potential cure. He shows Caitlin a data simulation of Dark Matter working as a cure and asks her if Star Labs can provide some. She declines, so Ramsey storms out in anger while blaming Caitlin for not stopping his mother’s death. Yet again, the ground starts shaking and a Black Hole tries to siphon Caitlin. She tries to summon Killer Frost for extra strength but can’t, so Barry zips in and saves her.

Barry celebrates saving Caitlin, but Cisco redirects the focus back to a real-world perspective of the common person. Iris emerges with new video information of a corny scientist named Chester Runk, who used nothing but trash to build a modulator that accidentally opened a black hole.

Speaking without Talking

Cecile and Iris visit Chester at the Medical Center. Iris interviews him, but he is verbally unresponsive. As they are leaving, Cecile questions if Iris lost something important at the junkyard. Iris tearfully admits that she greatly misses Nora, but feels kind of selfish because she will get to see her again someday. She continues to say its been tough because she “hasn’t been able to put into words how she’s feeling,” which makes her try to understand Chester beyond his inability to speak. She notices the black hole’s pulsation on the TV screen in the background matches the cadence of Chester’s finger tapping.

Cisco develops a Stellar grenade that should destroy a black hole. Iris cautions they can’t use it because it will also kill Chester. Caitlin uses Iris’ theory to explain that the Black Hole represents half of Chester’s mind. It’s literally his consciousness, so they determine that if they pull his mind out of the black hole it should stabilize and collapse. This is no easy task, so Cisco and Barry argue over whether or not to sacrifice Chester for the greater good of Central City.

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Ralph helps Caitlin brainstorm why her powers would suddenly disappear. Later in the day, he dispatches Caitlin with an emergency text message. She frantically hurries to the scene and transforms into Killer Frost while on the way – it’s pretty clear she (Killer Frost) and Caitlin will be addressed and further developed as separate entities this season. Ralph theorizes that Killer Frost didn’t emerge because she’s afraid to live and urges her to discuss it with Caitlin


Iris approaches Barry for some closure on Nora. He’s been working tirelessly and pushing team Flash’s progress to avoid confronting the loss of her. Iris matches Barry’s honesty with a bit of her own and comes clean about her true reason for being at the junkyard.

A black hole forms above Central City, so the team quickly plans how to close it. Killer Frost and Ralph help civilians on the ground while Barry runs up and down buildings encircling the black hole – while the song “Flash’s Theme” by Queen echoes in the background. Barry leaps into the portal and the team monetarily lose audio contact with Barry. He emerges with Chester’s consciousness, the black hole implodes, and Chester returns to his lively persona, except with glowing eyes. It’s estimated his total recovery will take 4-6 weeks – which opens the door for his knowledge and expertise to be an asset at Star Labs.

Caitlin tells Killer Frost that she never let her take control because it never occurred to her that Killer Frost was interested. They quickly reconcile and Caitlin allows Killer Frost to take over, but she is clueless on “how to live life,” so Ralph offers life coaching and introduces his second installment of The Book of Ralph.

The show ends with a scene of Ramsey working in a dark laboratory. Screen tests inform us that 99% of his cells have cancer, so he injects himself with dark matter. Healing begins but takes a catastrophic turn and blackens his arm.

Barry surprises Iris with Nora’s jacket from the black hole. They briefly reflect over her memory and agree to be each other’s support system. The lead villain from Crisis on Earth X appears and tells them he destroyed Nora’s file because he needed them to lose hope. He also tells them the Flash’s known disappearance has been decreased by 5 years and that he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for billions to survive.

All in all, this was an intriguing beginning to the season. Plenty of groundwork still needs laying to properly establish the plot, but the episode offers a solid effort to transition out of season 5. As for now, the most pressing issues are what caused Ramsey’s healing to go wrong, why will the Flash have to sacrifice himself, and will Chester stick around to help Team Flash? The stage is set, so be sure to tune in next Tuesday to Atlanta’s CW for the latest developments!


-Taylor Gibson






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