Tom Holland Helped Save ‘‘Spider-Man’’ Negotiations According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland was a driving force behind the reconciliation of Disney and Sony. Holland reportedly made persistent appeals to both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Sony chairman Tom Rothman to save their ‘Spider-Man’ partnership. His upcoming role in Sony’s ’Uncharted’ apparently played a role in his ability to persuade Rothman to re-engage with Disney. The outcry of fans on social media for Holland to be allowed to remain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also reportedly influenced their final decision. The ‘Spider-Man’ agreement between Disney and Sony initially dissolved on Aug. 20 when Disney sought a 50-50 co-financing deal. Following Holland’s push to continue negotiations, the two studios announced an agreement for a third ‘Spider-Man’ movie on Sept. 27. The new agreement will also allow Holland to appear as Spider-Man in at least one upcoming Disney-Marvel film.

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