SEASON TWO PREMIERE – Ella (Helen Highfield) is a fangirl and aspiring writer.  While working at a boutique shipping agency, Ella writes fanfiction for her favorite TV show, “Superstition,” and dreams of one day making her fantasies a reality.  She works with her boyfriend, the charming yet albeit-vanilla Tim (Riley Neldam), and lives next door to him with her best friend Winnie (guest star Jazz Raycole).  One fateful day, Ella’s actress friend Sasha (Yasmine Al-Bustami) places a flower delivery order to the showrunner of “Superstition” and Ella seizes the opportunity to not only make the delivery but to visit the set of her favorite show resulting in Ella throwing caution to the wind and quitting her job to become a writer’s PA on “Superstition.” Her fangirl fantasies being to collide with reality in unexpected ways, in both her creative life and love life.  The episode was written by Yulin Kuang and directed by Mo Perkins. Original airdate 8/19/2019