(CBS Local)– Showtime’s new series “City On A Hill” starring Kevin Bacon premieres on Sunday June 16 and the experience has been one of the craziest of Mark O’Brien’s career.

He’s working side by side with an industry legend, it’s one of the biggest parts of his career, and he also shares the set with his wife Georgina Reilly. On top of all that, the couple has a new 18 month old as well.

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“It’s been a really formative time of life,” said O’Brien in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I have an 18 month old as well and she’s been on set too. My daughter at 18 months has more connections in the industry than I did at 25.”

O’Brien plays Jimmy Ryan, a man battling both addiction and psychiatric issues. The show follows law enforcement agents and a group of robbers as they clash in the violent and racist world of Boston during the 1990s. The whole process for the show began in December 2017 and is finally being finished up this month. The 35-year-old Canadian is excited for people to check out the show about a complicated time in Boston’s history.

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“Boston is such a reference point. There’s a fascination with Boston everywhere,” said O’Brien. “It’s such an interesting place and it’s so diverse. It has a very interesting violent history and it comes from a place of pride. I’ve never seen Kevin like this before and I really mean that. He’s fun to watch, reveling in it, and having the time of his life. Tom Fontana our showrunner is very well respected. I’d be very jealous of the people on it if I wasn’t on it.”

“City On A Hill” is being executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. These guys know Boston better than most and O’Brien knew he would be in good hands when he heard they were attached to the project.

“My character Jimmy Ryan is from Charlestown and I have two kids, I’m estranged from an ex played by wife Georgina Reilly,” said O’Brien. “There’s a lot going on with this guy. He says and does a lot of questionable things. This guy is trying to survive and these circumstances dictate who he is. Good Will Hunting changed my life. I miss those movies. Now we are starved for real movies. Damon and Affleck still make real movies. I’ve been a fan of everything they’ve done for years. Chuck McClain who created the show pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.”

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Watch “City On A Hill” Sunday nights at 9pm EST/PST on Showtime and the Showtime Anytime app.