Remember trying to sing both parts in “A Whole New World” and struggling to do so? Or that time you were on a road trip and told your friends you were busting out this jammin’ playlist, and it happened to be filled with Disney tunes? Yup. You, my friend, have a Disney obsession. It can’t be cured, and it can’t be tamed. Join me and countless other Disney-crazed fans in welcoming sensational a cappella group, DCappella to the Fox Theatre stage on Sunday, January 27th! On their first national tour, the group is excited to perform some of your favorite Disney songs with a unique twist. From Moana to Mrs. Potts, it’s “100% Voice. 100% Disney.”

I spoke with DCappella member, Orlando Dixon [baritone/”The Voice”], about what we can expect during this magical one-night experience.

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W: How excited are you and your fans for the launch of your FIRST North American Tour?

O: We are on cloud nine! Being a part of the Disney family and legacy in this way is a dream come true for all of us, so we’re really looking forward to sharing the magic of this music. We’ve had such strong support from our DCappella fans leading up to this moment so it really feels like the culmination of an incredible journey thus far. 

(Photo Courtesy: DCappella)

W: What’s your favorite Disney classic song to perform? How do you make it your own? 

O: I think we each have our own favorites that we like to perform. My favorite would be our arrangement of “You’ll Be In My Heart” because it’s a completely different take on the original. Our version has more of an R&B/doo-wop feel, very reminiscent of something you might hear Boyz II Men do. The lush harmonies and smooth approach is what I think helps make it our own. 

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W: How awesome is Deke Sharon [“the father of contemporary a cappella,” according to Entertainment Weekly] to work with?

O: Working with Deke is one of those once in a lifetime moments you hope you’ll experience as a creative. He just gets it! He understands music from a technical perspective but also knows how to make the emotional connection with his arrangements too. Every time we work with him we collectively walk away feeling like we tapped into more of what we didn’t know we were capable of. His energy is infectious, and he’s got this excitement and approach to Disney Music that makes us excited about singing it. It’s really been one of the most fulfilling musical moments of my journey so far. 

W: What can we expect from this highly anticipated performance (aside from us singing along, of course)?

O: You can expect to experience a range of emotions that will make you want to laugh, have you on your feet dancing, and even shed a tear or two. The magic of this show is everything you’ll hear is 100% voice and authentically DCappella. You’ll get to know a little bit more about us individually and as a whole, and it’s going to be very interactive. There’s lights, screens with visuals, lively movement, and a few surprises when you come see DCappella live on tour! 


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Aside from this kickoff tour, DCappella has also released their first, self-titled album! You can buy it at the Fox during the show, of course. But if you can’t wait, head to Amazon to grab yours today! Come experience the magic onstage, my friends. Grab your tickets here. Hurry, though! They’re selling fast. You can find out more information about DCappella here! Until then? I’m going to see if I can hit that high note in “I Am Moana.” Wish me luck!