Rock of Ages is here to melt your face and rock…your…WORLD!

This vibrant show was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at the Fox Theatre. The neon lights. The fog machine. It was like watching my Chia Pet grow a 1980s backcomb. It isn’t a musical with a “challenging plot” or “complex characters.” It’s a downright good time for all of us who love theatre and the goodness of rock. Set in 1987 on the sunkissed pavement of the Sunset Strip, you can bet you’ll be stomping your feet and strumming your air guitar to the beat of this great piece. Combining classic rock, original compositions and a storyline that’s as radiant as Steven Tyler’s beltloop scarves, Rock of Ages is an unconventional recollection of the music we grew up with all of our lives.  It shows how that music has such an impact on ourselves and our general culture. I mean, when was the last time you saw Hit Me With Your Best Shot performed by someone adorned in leather. Yup, that’s a thing. You’ll see.

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And, the coolest thing about this show? Atlanta native, Kenya Hamilton (Justice), stars in this Tenth Anniversary Tour production! I spoke with her about her Rock of Ages experience.

W: What was the most exhilarating aspect of putting this show together with your fellow cast members?

K:  The most exhilarating aspect of putting this show together for me was the music. From day one, hearing this cast take on this music was inspiring. They are all great musicians and take the job of bringing this music to our audiences across the country to heart. I would sit in rehearsals and be so thankful for the opportunity. There is a point in the second act of the show when my character Justice sits on one of the road boxes. Most of the time while I’m sitting there I’m literally looking in the audience and thinking of how blessed I am to be a part of this production.

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W: How does it feel to bring Rock of Ages to your hometown? 

K:  Bringing Rock of Ages to my hometown is a dream. Growing up in Atlanta, I’ve seen the great shows that have come to the Fox Theatre. To now be added to the roster of great shows that have touched the stage is super exciting. I haven’t graced this stage since high school. It’s a coming home for me. Besides, the Fox Theatre is stunning!

Rock of Ages is epic, folks. But! It’s only here until Friday, January 4th. Be sure to catch Kenya and the rest of her amazing cast in this amazing production. You’ll forget you’re in theatre and think you’re at a rock concert. And, for those of you who can’t help but use your phones during a theatre production…there’s a part of the show for you too. Just sayin’. You can still grab your tickets here!

Other than that? Rock on, cool kids. “\m/” (I’ve always wanted to use that)

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