A funny video has emerged of a monkey who was seen consuming alcohol from a bottle in Sikkim, India. In the video, the primate can be seen holding a bottle of an alcoholic beverage as it sticks the bottle to its mouth and takes the sip of the liquid. It then drops the bottle to let the liquid ooze out from it on the ground, it then sticks its tongue to taste the liquid.

The people say that the tourists come and leave the unfinished bottle of alcoholic beverages unattended only to be picked up by the notorious monkeys in the area. A resident said, “These monkeys would steal or pick up food from the tourists, this is when we saw it picking up the bottle in search of water probably but ended up drinking the beer inside it.”

The locals have asked the authorities to take a strict action against the tourists who drink in public and throw the bottles without properly disposing it. In India, drinking in public is a punishable offence except for a few tourist spots.