Trendy sweaters and boots are November’s best friends! And, what a sweet, sweet friendship it is.

Are you curious which seasonal trends you should be gifting others this Christmas? I say, try them out for yourself this month to see what works and doesn’t. 🙂 You’ll get great inspiration and a trendy wardrobe at the same time. Win. Win. Really though, isn’t that what November fashion must-haves are for?

Aside from the classic sweater and boot combo, there are many other styles, like autumn tones and striped details, that are dominating the streets this month. I’m snuggling into them all below. Enjoy!

Caramel Tones

This autumn, my color crush goes to any caramel hue. I’m loving caramel cowl necks, scarfs and coats the most. A caramel statement piece plays well with pinks, burnt oranges and cream knits. And, speaking of cream knits… that’s the next must-have on the list.


Cream Knits

There’s nothing cozier than a knit in creamy hues. I was in dress up yesterday, and I wanted to snuggle up in every cream knit they had in the stores. Yes, one came home with me, and I plan on wearing it with a rustic brown dress for the next casual fall wedding on my list.


Varsity-Striped Details

Collegiate classy is the name of the game for this fall trend. Whether you want to sport this look street style or at a college football game, you’ll be winning chic all day long. I’m coveting varsity-striped long cardigans.


V-Cut Ankle Booties

Who says V-cuts are just for shirts? I can’t stop staring at ankle booties with v-cut sides, and I’m noticing them everywhere I go. Needless to say, v-cut ankle boots are definitely on my mind this month. They are super chic in a white or brown western modern styles.


Flirty Sweater Dress

A feminine flirty sweater dress is just the right amount of cozy chic for Thanksgiving Day. In this style dress, super cute is attainable without compromising the comfort that’s essential for Turkey Day gatherings.


If you’re already gifting for Christmas or seeking out new styles to freshen up your fall/winter wardrobe, here’s what you should be trying this month: caramel tones, creamy knits, varsity-striped details, V-Cut ankle booties and a flirty sweater dress.


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