By Kaitlin Lehner

Friday night I kicked off my week of Halloween festivities with a brand new event in Atlanta called Sweetwater Scream.

Now you are probably wondering how one of Atlanta’s most popular breweries had the ammunition to pull off something so spooky. Well, they dug around in their bag of brew tricks and found Brian Clowdus to produce the entire experience. Brian comes from an extensive, successful background of acting, educating, directing, and producing.

The gist of the haunted brewery was a creepy fisherman with a gnarly hook was haunting the warehouse and terrorizing/killing everyone who entered. I really enjoyed the humor of the tour guides and acting that was involved, all of the sounds effects/lighting, and the intimacy (the tour sizes were 15 people at a time to create a better experience).

When I wasn’t screaming and running I was enjoying beer in the fresh air and gyros from the delicious food truck. Tickets are $30, they include 1 beer, a half beer when you actually start the tour, and the haunted warehouse. The event started Thursday and is running until October 31st. They have sold out on multiple nights already so act fast!

Thank you to the Sweetwater team for hosting me, and scaring me!








Love being in the know of all the goodness Atlanta has to offer? So do we! Keep up with the Kait’s 8 Events List, and we will keep up with you. #Kaits8

-Kaitlin Lehner / Atlanta’s CW


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