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Hunter Killer (2018) R

Hunter Killer

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

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An untested American submarine captain (Gerard Butler) teams with U.S. Navy Seals to go on what could be a suicide mission that could start World War III, rescuing the Russian president, kidnapped by a rogue general. Hunter Killer Website

What to Watch For: The impressive cast includes Gary Oldman, Common, and Linda Cardellini.

Word on the Street: Gerard Butler and director Donovan Marsh sailed aboard a real U.S. sub for three days.

My Take: I find it interesting that Butler sailed on the USS Houston submarine, which is the actual submarine the movie is based on.

The film opens nationwide on Friday.

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) PG

Johnny English Strikes Again

Photo courtesy of Focus Features

After a cyber attack exposes all of the undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) comes out of retirement to find the hackers and bring them down. Johnny English Strikes Again Website

What to Watch For: This is the third film in the Johnny English series.

Word on the Street: The Aston Martin V8 Vantage Classic that Johnny English drives in the film is actually star’s Rowan Atkinson’s car.

My Take: Two time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson, plays Johnny English’s boss.

The film opens nationwide on Friday.

The Happy Prince (2018) R

The Happy Prince

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

The last, unhappy days of legendary writer Oscar Wilde (Rupert Everett). The Happy Prince Website

What to Watch For: Star Rupert Everett also wrote and directed the film.

Word on the Street: The film was nominated for Best Feature Film at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival.

My Take: I am going to go see this film based on the magnificent cast including Colin Firth, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, and Colin Morgan.

The film opens Friday exclusively at The Springs Cinema and Taphouse

Beautiful Boy (2018) R

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Beautiful Boy

Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios

A husband and wife (Steve Carell, Maura Tierney) deal with the downward spiral of their son (Timothée Chalamet) into drug addiction. Beautiful Boy Website

What to Watch For: The film is based on a true story. Both father and son wrote bestselling books that the film is based on.

Word on the Street: Timothée Chalamet lost twenty-five pounds to play the drug addict son.

My Take: Timothée Chalamet has become one of our best young actors.

The film opens in Atlanta area theatres on Friday.

Mid90s (2018) R


Photo courtesy of A24

Stevie (Sunny Suljic) lives in a troubled home in 90s L.A. with a mother (Katherine Waterston) that is never there, and an older brother (Lucas Hedges) that takes out his frustrations on Stevie. Stevie’s life changes when he finds new friends at the Motor Avenue Skate Shop. Mid90s Website

What to Watch For: Suljic for most of the film, doesn’t ride a skateboard very well but in real life, he is an accomplished skateboarder.

Word on the Street: The film is written and directed by actor Jonah Hill.

My Take: The film is given a 90s look by having shot on 16mm film.

The film opens nationwide on Friday.

Studio 54 (2018)

Studio 54

Photo courtesy of Zeitgeist Films

Documentary on Studio 54, the 70s disco icon that became a symbol of the times. Studio 54 Website

What to Watch For: As bright as it’s star was, Studio 54 was only open for 33 months.

Word on the Street: The film is from award-winning director Matt Tyrnauer, who directed last year’s Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood and 2016 documentary Citizen Jane: Battle for the City.

My Take: I love documentaries and will definitely see this one.

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The film opens exclusively on Friday at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema