Sweater weather to pumpkin carving, all things fall are finally here. My top three favorite things to do this season are visiting pumpkin patches, gathering around the bonfire to eat s’mores and visiting the wineries (particularly Fainting Goat Winery) in North GA and/or breweries around Atlanta.

Does your fall bucket list look a lot like mine? Well, if your curious what trending outfits would match these three popular autumn outings, keep scrolling.

Usually… my mad-for-plaid fever strikes this season and causes me to steer away from other hues + patterns, but I’ve behaved in this post. I re-framed from picking it for each occasion and focused on using it only once.  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Patch

Believe it or not… picking my outfit for the pumpkin patch isn’t the hardest decision of the day. Trying to choose between my favorite pumpkin or gourd wins my struggle bus category.


Why I love it: Aside from the vibrant orange, these booties look super comfy to wear. 

Why I love it: Plaid and a vest – my go-to pumpkin patch outfit. 


Why I love it: It blends really well with a pumpkin backdrop. 


Why I love it: The emerald hue & shoulder ruffles!


Bonfire Gathering

Besides the way s’mores taste, when I think of bonfires it’s in a maximum comfort type of way. I hunt for outfits that can mimic a big comfy blanket wrapped around me. Not too heavy. Not too light. Just right. And, of course, autumn tones that complement the crackling fire embers help A LOT.


Why I love it: Harvest hues all the way. I love how light neutral shades sandwich a darker neutral found in the pants.


Why I love it: If your bonfire master likes a bold & large fire, the ripped denim classic detailing here can help balance the campfire temperatures around your legs.

Why I love it: Added layer love. It’s not too heavy. 


Why I love it: The stitching and comfy drapery.  



Pumpkin beer? Toasted chardonnay? A casual outing calls for a casual chic get-up – my favorite kind of pairing. Which Georgia breweries and wineries are your favorite to visit?


Why I love it: A winery look for sure. The chic skirt detailing and v-neck sweater is soft but talks statement. 


Why I love it: Add a pop of leopard to your winery/brewery outing.


Why I love it: Who says you can’t dress up while casually strolling the vineyards or tap rooms? Go for a velvet luxe layer and you’ll do just fine. 


Why I love it: It has just as much personality as the wine or brew you’ll be drinking. 


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