Walking through the With Drawn Arms: Glenn Kaino & Tommie Smith exhibition was a surreal experience that still begs for the world to unite as one. Focused on the gold medal sprinter Tommie Smith, who raised his fist during the 1968 Olympic Games, this exhibition is one that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Tommie Smith (Center)
© Time & Life Pictures/ Getty Images.

Conceptual artist Glenn Kaino brings sculpture, print and drawings of the experience of Tommie Smith throughout his Olympic experience. One notable feature that I didn’t realize was the cover of Newsweek Magazine labeling Smith, “The Angry Black Athlete” in 1968. While no one can presently stand in the shoes of Tommie Smith, this exhibition sheds light on what he and droves of others endured during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. I value the exhibition’s poignant tone that reiterates the fight for unity has not been lost as the years have progressed. And Tommie’s fist, a symbol of hope for a nation divided, serves as inspiration for present-day activists, like Colin Kaepernick. 

You’ll get a chance to see some of Smith’s personal artifacts and items from his personal life, as well. Don’t let this exhibition pass you by. Remember, activism will never cease as long as divisiveness exists. It’s here until February 3, 2019. Grab your tickets here.