For the finale of Biased & Uncensored we tackled the issue of the confederate flag and monuments.


Do you feel differently about the flag vs. monuments?


Hate or Heritage?


How do you reconcile a history that is hateful?


This episode concludes our 20th Anniversary Series; Biased & Uncensored.  We hope that we have inspired our viewers to engage in the hard conversations with respect and dignity, even when it is uncomfortable.

Comments (2)
  1. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    I have really enjoyed the last three sessions because everyone was more relaxed and seem to be able to share more of their opinions. It was a great topic and maybe some day people will respect each other for the person and not the color but we have to keep trying to make this a better world.

    1. wupatv says:

      Thank you for watching! We hope it inspired someone to start a conversation they may have been avoiding.

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