Last call for VIBRANT YELLOW. PASTEL FLORALS. PLAYFUL POM-POMS. They’re all shouting loud and proud “Wear Me Out!!!”

Short hemlines and breezy fabrics might hang around for a while, but, before we know it, bright colors and tropical detailing will fade away while fall tones scoot on in.

So, I’m pausing fall fashion forecasts for the time being, so I can quickly reel in all the summer fashion opportunities we can score before our summer days run out.

What we know: August is hot, and it’s almost closing time for humid days (almost).

What we do about it: Celebrate your last summer fashion hoorah in these chic trends:

Twirling Midi with Bright Tones

H-o-t Pink & Polka Dots


Pretty Pink


Bright Floral Midi


Colorful Fringe


Two-Piece Palm Print Dress


Vibrant Toned Color Blocking Heels


Which styles will you be twirling in until fall?


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