By Kaitlin Lehner

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of putting in a lot of hard work and attending the Great Southern Beer Fest.



That’s me on the left —>




First of all, let me just praise the team on the venue for this one. John Howell Park, so many trees+so much shade= a happy sweaty free Kaitlin. I also experienced the OG tent (people who bought tickets super early) which treated me to exotic beers from far away lands and a Koozie for my beer cabinet.




The festival lasted from 1-6pm and offered over 75 craft beer tasting and a cute mason jar that you get to keep. Most of the breweries were local to Georgia and the Southeast region #nonewfriends. My favorites were the Honey Pilsner by Orange Blossom Brewing Co. and the Groovy Child Guava Pale by Cherry Street Brewing.




Also, the band was poppin.’ They go by the name of “Outshine” and their style was Alabama party. DJ Pako helped keep the moves going as well.

The Great Southern Beer Fest comes from a group of people who think that the South has some awesome taste in beer and decided to go from city to city dedicating an entire day to it. And if for whatever reason you stumbled upon this event and didn’t care for a cold brew, they had plenty of Jumbo sized games (Cornhole, Jenga, Connect 4) to keep you entertained.


Apparently there is a beer out there that resembles the head of Donald Trump. —>

How was it? I didn’t taste it 😉



Thank you to the Atlanta Sport and Social Club for hosting me. I had a fantastic time.




Love being in the know of all the goodness Atlanta has to offer? So do we! Keep up with the Kait’s 8 Events List, and we will keep up with you. #Kaits8

-Kaitlin Lehner / Atlanta’s CW


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