ODESSA, Texas (CBS Local) – A Saltgrass Steak House in Texas has banned a customer after they didn’t leave a tip on a $108 bill and wrote “We don’t Tip Terrorist” on the check. The customer also circled the server’s name, Khalil, according to the Odessa American.

Khalil Cavil posted what happened on July 14 on Facebook.

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“I was sick to my stomach,” the 20-year-old server said in his post. “I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists. Although, this is nothing new, it is still something that will test your faith. All day I’ve had to remind myself that Jesus died for these people too. I have decided to let this encourage me, and fuel me to change the world the only way I know how.”

Cavil, an Odessa resident, is preparing to attend college in Dallas later this year according to the Odessa American.

His post has drawn more than 2,400 comments and been shared over 6,100 times. Some people offered to pay the tip.

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“Khalil i will tip u mega,” said Facebook poster Kaka Bonsu.

Many condemned the customer’s actions.

“I am sorry that you were treated so ignorantly by these customers,” Theresa Englehardt said. “Each one of us can always be better. Stand tall and continue on your journey, you seem to have a forgiving and loving heart. I wish you the best in all things.”

Cavil did not identify or further discuss who left the message on the receipt.

“It’s not about them, and it’s not about me,” Cavil said to the local newspaper. “It’s about this hatred that is still going on, that is still here and prevalent. I just wanted people to understand that.”

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