Evangeline Lilly says that using social media has helped her to become more confident, and to accept her imperfections. The Canadian beauty resisted creating any online profiles for years, but finally gave in back in 2013, when she was working on the ‘Hobbit’ movies. Lilly now admits that she was “coerced” into getting her own pages mainly for work, but that the more she actually looked at Instagram and engaged with it, the more it had a positive effect on her.

In a recent interview, the ‘Ant-Man’ star explained that when she was growing up in the 80s, she only ever saw pictures of celebrities looking absolutely perfect, so when she first became famous, she was constantly stressed out about always trying to look and be perfect. But thanks to social media, stars are now sharing all kinds of photos, showing that they’re messy and flawed just like everyone else. Evangeline loves that she can post images where she hasn’t done her makeup or hair and the lighting isn’t perfect, because it shows who she really is, and she feels good about that.


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