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Ant-Man and the Wasp  (2018)  PG-13

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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Photo courtesy of Marvel

Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) is trying to balance his life as a  superhero and being a dad.  Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) come across a new threat, and the An-Man and the Wasp are sent into action, this time as a team. Ant-Man and the Wasp Website

What to Watch For: The film takes place in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War.

Word on the Street: Michelle Pfeiffer beat out Sharon Stone and Catherine Zeta-Jones for the role of Janet Van Dyne.

My Take:  I am looking forward to seeing Michael Pena in the role of Luis.

Opens nationwide on Friday.

The First Purge  (2018)  R

The First Purge

Photo courtesy of Universal

We get to see how The Purge got started. The First Purge Info

What to Watch For:  This is the fourth film in The Purge lineup.

Word on the Street:  This is the first film in the series not directed by series creator James DeMonaco. 

My Take:  I see that one of my favorite actors, Marisa Tomei, is in this film.

Opens nationwide on Wednesday.

Sorry to Bother You  (2018)  R

Sorry to Bother You

Photo courtesy of Annapura Pictures

Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) finds work at a telemarketer, and, after finding out the secret to selling, he becomes successful beyond his wildest dreams.  But at what cost? Sorry to Bother You Website

What to Watch For:  This film was the talk of the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival.

Word on the Street:  The film was written and directed by Boots Riley, who also composed the soundtrack.

My Take:  I will see anything that Tessa Thompson is in.

Opens in Atlanta area theatre on Friday.

Whitney  (2018)  R


Photo courtesy of Roadside Attractions

Documentary on the life and music of the immensely talented but troubled Whitney Houston. Whitney Info

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What to Watch For:  The director of the film, Kevin Macdonald, got two nominations for this project at the Cannes Film Festival.

Word on the Street:  Appearing in the film are Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, Clive Davis, L.A. Reid, and of course, Whitney Houston.

My Take:  This movie is at 85% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Opens nationwide on Friday.

Boundaries (2018)  R


Photo courtesy Sony Pictures Classics

Laura (Vera Farmiga) and her son Henry (Lewis MacDougal) are forced to drive her estranged, pot-dealing father (Christopher Plummer) across the country after he got thrown out of his nursing home. Boundaries Website

What to Watch For: The film was nominated for the 2018 SXSW Gamechanger Award.

Word on the Street:  Christopher Plummer is coming off his Academy Award nomination this year.

My Take:  The impressive cast includes Bobby Cannavale, Kristen Schaal, Christopher Lloyd and Peter Fonda.

Opening Friday exclusively at the Springs Cinema and Taphouse

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Actiist  (2018)


Photo courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment

Documentary about fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Westwood Info

What to Watch For:  The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Word on the Street:  The film’s director, Lorna Tucker, got her start making music videos with bands such as The Cult, Queens of the Stone Age and Unkle.

My Take: The trailer is amazing.

The film opens exclusively on Friday at Landmark Midtown Art.


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